Thursday, April 19, 2007

Natitys Designs, who we are

About Me ...

I'm Eloisa, I was born in Ponce, PR. I'm the oldest of 4 siblings (2 guys, 2 gals) Mickey is a Mechanic in Atlanta, Carlos is a Computer 3-D Animation College Teacher in Orlando, and Carolina is a Senior in High school. My parents, Miguel and Eloisa live in Florida, when I was little, my Dad used to work for Caribbean Hotels, so we moved every year to a new Island and my childhood, although it was not what you would call "normal", it was pretty awesome, I absolutely loved, enjoyed and cherish all the memories and benefits we had living in Hotels in Caribbean Islands, it was as cool as it sounds.

Now, I am married to Paul, who has been in the Navy to this date for 7 years, he works with Nuclear Power. And I have 2 lovely little girls, Natalie, and Claire. We move a lot, we have lived in Florida, Virginia and South Carolina right now. And this is why I prefer to keep my business online based. I Studied Fashion Design in Venezuela, and I also have a BA in Business Administration.

The beginning ...

Natitys Designs was founded by myself in 2001 when my first child, Natalie, was born, like a lot of new moms, I needed some extra cash, so I stated making Custom Baby and Kid's Bedding for friends, when I decided I could work part time on this newly found love of mine, I decided to go through all the correct home based business channels and start my own legitimate business.

The name ...

I needed a name, I wanted it to be catchy and cute, the name "Natitys" (nah-tee-tees) came about when my niece, Alana, who was around 3 when Natalie was born, called her "Natity" so, the name became very used in the family, so I decided to name my business after my first born.

Through the years ...
Well, I started making Custom Baby Bedding, then I included my own designs, then I started making large bedding, as orders kept coming in, I had to hire help from family. Things got a little bit slow for a while, this allowed me to concentrate in new designs and new products, and this is what I try to do in my "slow season". As you can see now, we offer all kinds of items like Bedding, Accessories, Baby Gear, Mommy Gear, soon we're also including Daddy gear ... and I'm sure we'll keep adding on and on as time allows us and Boutique Family needs change.

Our items are offered in some boutiques and some online boutiques, we really do hand pick our sellers because we do not want to over-saturate the market with our products and we'd like customers to have the ability to see more designers and have a much more experience when shopping. I personally prefer to see different things in different sites and not a little of the "same thing" everywhere.

And there you have it! This is us in a nutshell :)

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