Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ribbit Ribbit

If you are in the North Carolina Area, don't forget to visit The Freckled Frog, an upscale children's boutique opening today, May 19th where you will also find our bedding designs and custom services very soon. We designed a bedding with their name as our inspiration and came up with this cute frog with freckles, the fabrics used are a soft and durable soft pink, with a cotton linen that has ribbon roses embroidered, white chenille, pink and white minky and the painted adorable frog. It will also be available with a silk option in place of the pink.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Euro Aqua Nursing Cover

First item uploaded for the week, with summer in mind, we are concentrating all our designs with summer inspired fabrics, so, of course we need to start with aquas, an excellent color to use during the summer of course, this is why you will love the new nursing cover we added today (as always, more coming soon!) that has a beautiful lime green background with beautiful flowers in blues and aqua tones, and a hint of brown. just fresh and lovely!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Got Frogs?

I cannot resist this beautiful, silky fabric with the awesome Fashion Frogs on it, and since we are introducing our Boutique Custom Car Seat Covers, I thought this would be a great fabric to make one in, so, here it is, introduced yesterday, we have the Fashion Frogs and also a Unisex Sage Children's Toile, super soft, super washable, and super adorable, no worries, there's many more to come!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

New Nursing Covers!

And last but not least this week, I just love how these pictures came out, we have the nursing covers on bloom now! Also available this week in Pink and Cocoa Damask and more coming up next week! We are working very hard for your vacation shop so be in the look out for that next week!

Hot New Sellers!

Have you had a chance to look at our car seat covers? you should! they are made with super thick batting, extra sewn for durability and completely tailored for either Britax Marathon, Rundabout or infant Graco snugride car seats! Estela's working very hard to get more and more designs out, this week, the Pink Fly Away, the Blue Fly Away and the Pink Daisy.

Introducing Wood Handcrafted Mobiles too!

We have some new goodies this week at Natitys, for starters, one of my favorite items, I designed ad made this for the Dottie Cocoa Bedding, this is a beautiful wooden mobile, it has puppies, hearts and bones, painted in brown and pink, we also have another one on the works, don't worry, you'll see it!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Wall Letters are Here!

So, slowly but surely, we are adding accessories and the rest of our bedding line to the website (phew, so much to do so little time!) and we finally had a chance to start adding the beautiful wall letters that Erica makes, they are awesome and are custom made to coordinate our bedding sets! They take a little while to get done, but they are so well worth the wait! We have about 10 more styles to upload, but we are starting with the ones that coordinate with the toile bedding sets.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

A Natitys Designs Pillow for little Violet Affleck

OK, the cat's out of the bag, this is so much fun I can hardly stand it, this cannot be my "job", because I just love what I do so much it's very hard to consider it my career. I recently had the privilege to come in contact with Susan, the owner of Confetti Kidz Boutique, she shared with me that they are in the process of preparing a Boutique Gift Basket to the adorable Violet Affleck, daughter of Actor Ben Affleck and no other than the beautiful, super talented Jennifer Garner. Being a hard core-get out of my house because it's about to start-know every detail-call my Dad in Florida to discuss the episode-fan of the show Alias, I just knew this is something I would be so honored to be a part of. So, Susan, being the wonderful person that she is, added me to the selected group, and gave me a few details about Jennifer's taste, I was a huge fan of the show, but I really didn't know much about Jennifer's personal life or taste. What she was advised was that Jennifer liked Animal Skin (like zebra) she loved white roses and bright colors but at the same time she loved simple things ... the result, Violet's Pillow. In my personal opinion, I think I gathered the details I was given pretty good and I was not sure of the outcome adding so many things, but after adding the very simple zebra and letting it shine with all the beautiful ribbons I hand picked, I think (and hope) little Miss Violet enjoys it and Mommy and Daddy like it as well.

We decided this pillow will be available to the public through Confetti Kidz Boutique Exclusively. Other designs are available in our website, but if you loved this one, you will find it there in the next couple of weeks :) And there will be more details published about the gift basket and press info shortly.

Mother's Day Sale!!

From now, until May 11th, we are offering 15% OFF all Nursing Covers, Nursing Pillows and Covers, Stroller Pads, Shopping Cart Covers AND Car Seat Covers! All discounts are already applied, no need to remember or find any coupon code or anything! Just click and buy! On TOP of the same, any item in our Mother's Day Shoppe area includes FREE Gift Wrapping! Just make sure you drop us a note on the check out screen to let us know you need this :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Congratulations to our winner!!

We had a Mailing list give away in the month of April and we would like to announce and congratulate Carie Hartwell from Maine. She won a Boutique Nursing Cover from Natitys! Thank you all for participating and please keep signing up, you will be entered to all our give aways! And we DO have one in the making!

New items for May

We have so many goodies coming up! One of our new items is the beautiful Bunny Toile Bassinet Bedding, the very MOD Infant Car Seat Cover in Blue and Brown Minky, just awesome, and we will be introducing our hand painted, ribbon weave pillows.

Custom Baby Bedding

We are still working on it, there are literally hundreds of fabrics to upload, but we already posted some of our most popular ones, more along the modern side, for girls, (we WILL have a little bit of everything, classic, modern, boho etc). You can ome on in and check it out, we'd love your feedback on our Custom Crib Bedding site.

We were invited to Baby Celebration L.A.

Our newest friend, Alyssa from the amazingly beautiful website called "Twirl" ( gave us the wonderful opportunity to participate in Baby Celebration L.A. this past weekend, she took some of our Nursing Covers with her and they were declared a total hit! Here's a picture of the beautiful booth. See us there? We are on the far right. So many beautiful things!