Sunday, July 29, 2007

Vintage is in the air ...

We just got a new shipment of fabrics that are so breath-taking and unique we just HAD to stop what we were doing to create some new designs, there are many more coming this week, but to start, we have 3 new designs of car seat covers and 4 shopping cart covers. All beautiful and unique! We decided to come up with a girly design with absolutely no pink for those mommies who cannot stand the color pink, yes there are many! We also made a gorgeous Vintage flowers one n the Olivia Line and an introductory print called Blue Lotus, I personally think it's fit for any baby, girl or boy, because it has light blue background and it is coordinated with gray, white and cream but the print in a large flower that can be interpreted as a Vintage flower for a girl or as a surfer-Hawaiian themed car seat for a boy. So, very neutral for sure! Please stop by at the end of the week so you see more new designs, we have some mermaids, contempo, and puppies coming up!

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