Sunday, September 30, 2007

A lady does not kiss and tell ....

Well, this might seem a bit disappointing to a lot of you, and for that, I apologize, but we have decided that, for the time being, we will remain our very popular "copy-cat" anonymous, not out of consideration for them, but we do realize that the companies using our images illegally are not aware of the situation and as much as a part of us wants to send letters and talk to our lawyers and make a fiasco out of this, there's another part that just wants to focus on the great things in life, and the great ideas we are all having for new products lately so, why spoil our fun or yours with petty things like this? And on top of that, why would we want to give this "so-called-designer" the benefit of free advertising? NO way!

This does not in fact guarantee that some day the cat might be out of the bag, but for now, they just don't deserve our time and energy, so off we go to new and better things!

Autumn brings new items to Natitys Designs!

If you haven't been in our website lately, please stop by! You will find lots of new goodies at very affordable prices! As always, handcrafted my us! Like these new super adorable appliqué bibs! there are many more to come, but we simply could not resist adding them to the site early! Thinking Holidays already? Well, we do have them on sale as well! Buy 2 or more and you will get 10% off! Not a bad deal at all!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


This is really not fun to write, and it is really a little uncomfortable, but, sometimes, things have to be said before they get out of control

Not too long ago, it came to our attention that some of our images are being used without our consent in other websites and by other competitors claiming to be the makers of the product pictured. {For the time being, while the issue is being resolved, we will conceal the name of the company using our images and distributing them without our consent, stay tuned to see if the name of this company is revealed, if our images are not removed like we have requested}

We just want to clarify that ALL Natitys Designs images are protected by copyright law and belong solely to US. We, happily offer our images to our wonderful vendors and they are the ONLY people allowed to use them in their site, please visit our vendor's list for a boutique near you or a website that carries our products. ONLY websites on the list are authorized Natitys Designs Dealers.

On that note, I also want to take the time to respectfully communicate with our competitors and other designers, there are millions of fabrics out there, colors, prints and combinations, take your beautiful talent and in place of making a copy of our designs, make your own! You might be surprised on the acceptance you get!

Thanks for reading, Eloisa