Thursday, October 4, 2007

Natitys Designs Baby Sling Pouch

We had SO MUCH fun creating these! After a while of popular demand, and special requests from customers, we decided to starts Autumn with our very own Baby Sling Pouches! Made with the same beautiful fabrics as our nursing covers and car seat covers. They come in sizes from XS to XL and for 10.00 more, you can get your own personalized size! They are lightly padded and reversible. We even included an awesome pocket where the pouch folds into for easy carrying!
How to Use your Natitys Baby Sling:

Before you use your sling, you should read our "Sizing Page to ensure you are purchasing the correct size.

First, you want to make sure your sling is folded in half {by length}. You will know you are folding it correct,y when you have the two ends with seams meeting each other on one edge, the other edge should be the fabric folding.

After this, the sling should look like a "tube".


Following this, you will notice how the sling has one straight border and one curved border. Take the sling and slide it on your arm, then head and neck, resting the straight corner on your shoulder. The curvy one should reast against your side.

Make sure the straight portion that goes on your shoulder is well spread ed and away from your neck. The back of the sling should be flat and smooth across your back.

Your baby's bottom should meet with the curvy seam.

Safety Statement from Natitys Designs

Although we test our products with Mommies like you and have received no complaints, it is important you know we claim no liability over your personal use of this product. Natitys Designs or it's partners and retailers are not responsible for any accidents or injuries as a result of the misuse of this product. To ensure your baby will be safe when using this product, we recommend the following instructions:
  • Common sense is your best ally.
  • Never use while cooking, close to flames or sharp objects.
  • Do not use for children who weight over 30lbs
  • Remember your baby is not strapped in, he or she can fall if you do not use safety caution with your hands and arms.
  • Use caution with baby's arms and legs, especially when walking inside a doorway etc.
  • To prevent asphyxiation, Never use a blanket or this product over your baby's face. Make sure your baby's chin is not against your chest and ensure your baby is in a comfortable and safe position in the pouch.
  • When bending or reaching, pay special attention to your baby and hold him or her with at least one arm to prevent falls.
  • Do NOT use while participating in any sport.
  • Do not use to replace a safety seat.
  • Always inspect your product before using to ensure it is not damaged.
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