Sunday, January 6, 2008

More Great Products for January!

YES! We actually DID take some days off for the Holidays! But we could not resist making a few more items to introduce in 2008!

For starters, Estela has been shopping and in the look out for new fabrics for our Nursing Pillow Covers (they will fit the popular brand Boppy {tm} that is not related to Natitys in any way). Visit our Nursing Pillow Covers category to view them, you will find the Zebra Minky one that's my personal favorite one, plus now we have the Damask in a variety of colors, and if you do not find anything that you like there, we also have a custom order form you can use!

On the Infant car seat covers section, we have a few new designs that have not been uploaded yet, but will be sometime this week, we are now catering the Britax Companion design as well to answer popular demand, and on the toddler section, we have included a few more designs, more to come next week as well.

And, coming this spring, we have a small but OH-SO-SPECIAL line of outfits and accessories inspired {and designed} by our little ones! So be sure to stay tuned for that!

Until next time, thanks for reading and keep us in your favorite websites! ~Eloisa~

Happy 2008! -New Nursing Covers-

Happy New year everyone! We are back with lots of new designs and products fresh from our South Carolina Studio and our California Studio! Here in SC, I've been working on some new Nursing Covers I hope you all like! Fresh fabrics, sweet and retro, a little bit for every taste!

What makes our Nursing Covers so special you ask? Well, for starters, the purpose! When you're a Mommy, you need all the help you can get, Nursing Covers are simply one more tool to make your life easier when you are out in public with your nursing-aged-baby, they fold compact, do not take up much space in your diaper bag and you are almost guaranteed you will use it on every outing you do together!

Natitys Nursing covers are especially unique because of different features, for starters, the price! At $37.50 you are ensured you will get a beautifully packaged, top quality material, hand crafted product that cannot be matched by other brands. We take great pride in the construction of our covers, unlike other brands, Natitys Covers feature a pocket on the side that doubles as a breast pad holder and a bib, all along the neck-line we reinforce with lining and other materials to ensure your cover maintains the shape. They come with a handy carrying baggie. And best of all, we use the trendiest, coolest fabrics out there! Currently we have over 30 fabrics available!

So go on, splurge on yourself or on that special person you know simply MUST have one! Email us your stories, we love to hear feedback from our customers!