Friday, February 29, 2008

Hot Momma!

With Mother's day just around the corner {May 11th}, we have been cooking up some pretty accessories that could be given as gifts. Check out our new "Mommy Shop" where you will find items like this beautiful Halter Dress Style apron, Hand Bags, Make Up cases and more. The apron is one of my favorites because it really does look like a dress. Such a nice thing to have! Especially when you have company, you can protect your nice outfit with something THIS pretty!

The first of many items this Spring has arrived!

We are so pleased with all the new items this spring! Our first addition is the cute new Spring Fashion, it's a tedious job, so we haven't uploaded all the pieces we will have, and one of our dress designs already sold out but here are some pieces we have available. The dress is so yummy and such a perfect combination of sweet, contemporary, classic, casual and dressy, I know your little one will love it! There's also some spring shirts that will look beautiful wearing by themselves or layered as our little models are wearing, these shirts will look great with jeans, or skirts. Like our entire fashion line coming up, they are all going to be very versatile, and affordable pieces for your little girl.

Natitys Design moves Web Platforms

This means that our link just changed from NatitysDesignS to {without the "s"} so please mark your favorites. Thank you!