Monday, April 28, 2008

First Freebie!

I teamed up with my long time friend Therese from FarmHouseFive Art 4 Kids and will be giving away one of my new designed Nursing Covers for the readers of her Blog. All you have to do to enter is to leave a comment (make sure you sign in or register so there's a way to contact you if you win), the give away entry's deadline will be May 4Th and it will be randomly picked. The nursing cover being given away is the one I call "Groovy" and it's perfect for any Mommy with a girl or a boy.

You do not have to be a Mommy to enter, if you know someone who could use one you could enter and try to win one for them too! So don't miss your chance of a freebie! Also, check out her blog and her beautiful art. On my previous home, I had one of my daughter's room decorated in Paris Poodles, and used her beautiful art work, so I know first hand how gorgeous her stuff is. (Incredibly affordable as well!) so, check her blog out, check her website out, I know you'll find many many goodies you'll "need" there :)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tips on Nursing your baby in public.

We are often asked about tips for nursing your baby in public, so we came up with 5 easy tips that I think will help you get a great head start in your breastfeeding adventure.Some cool ideas on how to Nurse your baby in public and feel confident doing it:

1.) Join a Nursing Support group. You will be coached on the correct ways to breastfeed your baby, a lot of these groups also offer grocery shopping lists, nutrition tips and more.
2.) Invest in Nursing Fashion, nursing clothes save a lot of time, energy and headache when you’re trying to focus on your baby. If you have a tight budget, and even if you don’t, investing in a few solid color, neutral toned shirts you can mix and match with bottoms and accessories like pins , scarves, jackets and necklaces will offer you a world of opportunities in looks.
3.) Purchase a Nursing Cover, our nursing covers retail for less than 25.00 and they are priceless when it comes to nursing your baby in public.
4.) Practice, Practice, Practice, you will more than likely not have perfect 10’s the first few times you attempt this very important task in public, so don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t go great the first few times. A great tip, go from smaller groups to larger, maybe test it when you have just one or two friends at home and go from there, like baby steps.
5.) Never make your baby wait! At the first site of hunger, go for it, you’ll be glad you did.

These small tips will help you be confident and find great ways of your own to nurse in public! If you have more tips, please feel free to email them to us! We’ll gladly share your tips as much as we can.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Our Re-Opening SALE and other ways to save!!

We will be running, for an unlimited time (this means that when it closes, it's gone, no warning) a HUGE sale! Nursing covers at $17.50, Toddler Car Seat covers from $69.99, and so many more items in the sale! Stock up and save!
Other great ways to save in our website are going to be by signing into our Mailing List this will give you heads up in future sales, special members only discounts, monthly free drawings and more.
If you sign up for our Baby registry, your friends and family automatically get free gift wrapping option if they choose it. You are automatically entered into our monthly drawing for freebies.

New Links, New Look!

So, you're probably wondering what happened to us, or where the heck our website went? Well, to make a very long story short, due to some company's ineffectiveness, we were unable to re-use our links when we moved servers. And to that, then you would need to add the time it took us to upload our information from scratch... a massive work! But it all worked out great because I really love the new site, and i enjoy the service we get a lot better than before, I think in a very short time, we'll be able to take advantage of all the extras that are being offered to us by the new sever and this will make your experience shopping with us a lot smoother and nicer every day! So, please stop by and take a look at our new everything! The new link is: ... sounds the same? that's because it is, except we had to drop the "s" at the end.
We have so many new designs it's unreal, we teamed up with some new designers on Etsy last month and it was such a fun experience, it really helped us get fresh ideas and fabrics for our products. It is such a fun place and full o so many talented people it's just great!