Saturday, May 10, 2008

Affordable Picture Editing

I have been asked many times who does my picture editing and my web-design, and the answer it "me". I do all my picture taking, editing and hosting, I also do my own web-design and graphics. After researching online for prices and services, I have decided to give providing this service a try. Please note that I will need some time to complete your picture editing, if you are in a deadline, please feel free to send me an email to inquire about time-frames, but currently, I'm offering a 1-3 days turn around time. The picture editing service will include whiting out the background of your product (please note, I do not offer this service on models and people at this time, this is just for products. I also sharpen the image, work with the color and lighting balance, offer black and white conversion, re-sizing and can make as many twitches as possible to make your item "pop".

Starting at only $3.00 per picture, you can now afford to have your website and products presentable! Visit the link for more information and ordering.

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