Saturday, May 10, 2008

New Toddler Car Seat SLIPCOVERS

Attention all parents! This is the product you've been waiting for! We are introducing our Covers for Covers!

Why is this price so affordable? Because we have designed the cover so it fits on TOP of your existing cover, this way, we use less materials and consecutively you pay less money! You can still have the great Boutique Look and construction, with the exception that these will go on top of your original cover. Will also protect it so therefore it will last LONGER!

Will fit similar looking car seats , like Evenflo, Graco and Cosco Scerena . If your car seat has arm rests that don't move it will not fit ..

What else is so great about these new covers? Other than the awesome price, you also save on shipping, and care is a lot simpler, jut throw in the washer and go!
We are committed to servicing all clients with all budgets, this is what inspired this new design. Every child deserves to be in their car seat not only safe but with STYLE! And now, with our "Cover for Covers" they can! Buy as many as you need! They are so affordable you can change the look of your car seat every week!

Shop for Slipcovers here.


Farmhousefive Art 4 Kids said...

This cover is too cool! I will recommend these to all my friends... no more ugly covers! Awesome!

Farmhousefive Art 4 Kids said...

These Covers for Covers are awesome! I will recommend these to my friends! No more ugly boring covers! You have the best stuff, Eloisa!

IWTW said...

Eloisa your car seat covers are AMAZING! The Mermaid fabric is adorable... with the Granny Apple Pink fabric running a close 2nd.

I will be purchasing one soon ( it will be hard to pick just one )for our niece - who is growing so fast, she will be in a toddler seat in no time.

MaryAnna said...

OK - I DEFINITELY want one of these! I'm so sick of having to wipe down the car seat and pick all the crumbs and stuff out of it - it would be so wonderful to have something I could just whip off and thrown in the wash (and they're so cool looking to boot!!!).