Monday, June 30, 2008

Re-designing ourselves

Wow, finally made it to Virginia, great central location for my studio, lots of orders to get caught up with, and with all the changes, I've also decided to make some changes to my designs, for starters, you will see fresh new fabrics on the covers, the shopping cart covers have been dropped until further notice as I'm working on getting a new, more friendly design, my problem with the shopping cart covers have always been that they're too bulky, yes they are super cushioned and really comfy for your baby, but I'm also thinking comfort for you, the size of the cart cover as of right now when it's rolled up and in it's bag is very comparable to the size of your diaper bag, this would mean you would need to go out with baby with your usual arsenal of stuff plus this humongous thing to protect your baby from germs in your shopping cart. I'm working on making it a bit more mom friendly. Your baby is not spending the day sitting on a shopping cart, why does it have to be so bulky then? With the new design your baby will be comfy but the product itself will be more compact and easier for mom to carry everywhere. Look for it around the end of the summer, you'll find great deals on them as well.

With this move, I also say good bye to the California division, after 3 years working together, they have made the very smart move to go different directions, I'm not sure what they will call themselves but a lot of items you used to see in my website will now be in theirs and not have anything to do with Natitys. This might create a little bit of confusion in the beginning but we are trying to make the transition as painless as possible. But I do expect some small issues generated by confusion. They have big plans and their items will be on the end of mass production, as I understand it, and I've decided to stay little old me, boutique, handcrafted has always been my vision for Natitys and this is how it will stay.

Anyways, thanks for listening and let me share some news, hope to see you shopping around and have a lovely week.

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