Saturday, August 23, 2008

A family affair...

My Mom taught me how to sew when I was about 10 years old, my first projects included Barbie Doll clothes and Cabbage Patch Kids pillows, we had friends in the show business and their fashion designer would give me scraps of the fabrics they used for their show outfits, so, needless to say, my Barbies and my dolls were always wearing the loudest handmade clothes made by a 10 year old LOL. When I was 13 I made my first skirt, my Mom bought me this navy blue with small white polka dots fabric, made me measure everything twice, made me iron every piece I sewed on, piece by piece, then that darn zipper ... it was such hard work, I bowed not to sew ever again ... hahaha, so much for my good name at 13, because since then, I never really stopped.
Mom has always been there to help in my business, her and I have always worked together with all these cute projects we sell at Natitys and she always provides her 2 cents on the design process. Last year, she and my Dad came up to South Carolina from Florida on the week of her birthday, so I knew I needed to do something special for her, but, what can you give to someone who has it all? ... AND in many colors! lol. I had bought her the new Amy Butler book of course, because it's a tradition to give her a good crafts book as a gift in all occasions now, but I also wanted to make something for her, well, I grabbed some of Amy's fabrics I had home, and made her a handbag (I made my own, simple pattern), the fabrics made it beautiful and the thought was really what mattered. I knew the handbag was going to be a hit for her because she, unlike little dull me, is a handbag addict. (among other accessories lol).
She absolutely loved the handbag, as expected, what I didn't realize was that this one, simple, handbag was going to be the starter of a new chapter in her life! As soon as Mom got back home, she suddenly started taking her fabrics out, and making more and more handbags, the girls at her office loved them, so she started making them for them as well.
Yesterday, Mom called me, she had the day off as there is a "Hurricane" on top of Florida, no power outage, no internet outage but this hurricane doesn't want to leave, so, she decided to finally open her own etsy shop and needed help with graphics and pictures etc. So, of course I gladly helped. Check her shop out at Chic Bazar she's been adding items since yesterday and will continue to do so as long as there are beautiful flowers in this world. Yes, the "Bazar" portion of the name is in Spanish, we are from Puerto Rico and she wanted to include something in there that would say that. She is working with designer fabrics and has a little of everything for every budget and taste. Not only does she have handbags, but she also has accessories like Business Card Holders, Sunglass pockets and more really cool items.
I am very proud of this step she has taken, and I know you will see lots of new developments in Natitys as a result of this in the near future, so please make sure you stop by and take a peek, she would love to hear from you!

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