Wednesday, September 24, 2008

TUTORIAL: Gracie Owl Bib

Yes, time for a freebie!

This is an awesome new design, fresh from our new bibs collection, we have a nice and thick finish to all our pretty bibs.

This is a unique baby bib with lots of personality, on one side, I have a lovely pink fabric with a damask print, and the face of a cute owl, the eyes are made with a dark brown and white dots fabric, the peek and the eye balls in really cute felt. This bib is also backed with an adorable Owls fabric I found here on etsy from an adorable shop called Paper Treats (she's currently out of it but the etsy link should help you find more) and it closes with velcro. Lined of course for better protection!

OK, this is a very easy job! I don't have a pattern you can use for the bib itself, but you really don't need to make the exact sale bib design. If you do, you can cut a rectangle approximately 12" wide by 15" tall, fold it in half and cut the neckline approximately 6" deep by 4" wide.

Things you will need:
  • 1 Fat Quarter of Pink Fabric
  • 1 Fat Quarter of Flannel
  • 5" of Brown with white dots fabric
  • 1 Sheet of Blue Felt
  • 1 Sheet of Orange Felt
  • Batting
  • Velcro TM
  • Fusible Web Paper
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Damp Cloth

To make the bib: you will sew both sides of the bib facing each other plus the batting together, turn inside out, I normally iron them when I'm done with that to make them nice and steady.

For the Eyes, you can iron the fusible web paper on the brown and white fabric, after it cools down, use a regular kitchen cup (or you can use a compass) and make 2 circles, these are approximately 4.5". Cut them out, peel out the paper from the back of the fabric and then iron on the circles (you need a damp cloth for this per the instructions of the fusible web paper). With your sewing machine, run a seam around the circles you just glued to the bib, this will prevent them from falling off after a few washes. Take the blue felt, and cut 2 small circles (about 1") and sew them as well.

For the beak, I cut a triangle about 2" tall in the orange felt, then I cut the 2 edges from below off and turn it around, there you have your beak. Sew around it like you did with the eyes.

Cut a small piece of velcro (about 1.5") and sew the parts on the top part of the bib for closure, then you are done!

For the next craft projects, I'll have pictures to explain better, this is more of a crash course on bib face-making lol, but hopefuls you get the idea :) thanks so much for reading and happy crafting!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Huge Car Seat Covers SALE!!

Hello my dear friends!
We have been a bit busy here at Natitys, this week we are introducing a few new designs in our covers, we went crazy with disco dots fabric this month and are introducing the new disco dots line collection, more to come of course, the fabric is available in different color schemes, like black and white, blue and brown, pink and brown, multi colors, just a little bit for everyone, this is definitely not the only fabric we have in our new items but it seems to be the most popular one this week, so, with this introduction, we are offering a huge sale in our covers!

Until September 30th, enjoy 30% OFF all car seat covers!! And remember, we make car seat covers to fit popular seats like Britax Marathon, Roundabout, Boulevard, even Regent!! Even our slipcovers are on sale!

And for the infant covers, we have some adorable new covers, like Acanthus and Paris Dots, just adorable styles! And we make those covers for Graco SnugRide and other popular brands!

As always, thank you for reading our little posts and have a wonderful week!

Pssst, we're also feeling happy, only for you, blog readers, we are going to include FREE strap covers with your purchase!! How will you get that? Make sure that you let us know on the message portion that your are a blog reader so we can include your freebies!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Website Hicups

We were down for a few days following the las week of August, somehow our servers got mixed up, we apologize for the inconvenience, if you had any questions or concerns please feel free to email me at

Thanks! Eloisa