Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Claire Giveaway!!!!!

Today is a very special day, today is Clairebear's 5th birthday!!!! I cannot believe it's been 5 years since that faithful day! You're growing up sooo fast my beautiful sweetheart. You are truly a miracle of life, and my proof that there is a higher being watching over for us.

Summer of 2003, we lived in Virginia, our house was literally across the beach, and I was about 7 months pregnant, everything was going as scheduled, when we were notified that Hurricane Isabel was hitting exactly where we lived, Paul, my husband, as he's in the Navy, was given orders to leave with his crew on the ship, whenever there's a hurricane, they normally take the ships out sea, away from docks and such, to prevent harm to everyone, so, off he went, and there I was, all alone, 7 months pregnant, with a 2 year old, 2 dogs and a house that was under mandatory evacuation. My parents would have none of that, my Mom flew in from Florida, I packed all our pictures, important papers, about a week's worth of clothes, and left with the dogs and my Mom.
A few days later, the hurricane came, completely flooded our neighborhood, our home was not destroyed, but it did flood, our downstairs furniture was gone, there was no electricity, there were mold issues, and the only way to get to the house was with a small boat! So, needless to say, Paul and I made the decision of me staying in Orlando at my folks until further notice. It was almost time for Paul's ship, the USS Reagan, to make it's first deployment, he would be out sea for months in very little time, so, taking all these things in consideration, we decided it was going to be best for me to stay in Orlando and have little Claire there.
So, I found a great doctor in Orlando, and went to my first visit ... where they found on my records I was going to have issues having the baby, things that were not disclosed to me by my military butchers ... oh I mean doctors, so, long story short, I had to have a C-Section within a week and a half of moving to Orlando! Had I waited long term for Claire, who was a preemie, it is very possible that I would not be sitting here writing to you this story.

SO, this is why Claire is my miracle, in many ways, she was perfect, the most memorable part of the C-Section for me was when she came out, and, the nurse brought her to my head {as the rest of your body's really covered even from you, and you can't feel a thing} she showed me Claire, who was crying, and said "Here's Momma, sweetie" and I said "Hi baby girl" and Claire stopped crying, like she recognized my voice, how magical!

It really is hard to put into words what this entire ordeal meant to me, but it was definitely a benchmark in my life, my faith was really, truly validated. And for this, and Claire, I'm every day thankful.

To celebrate Claire's birthday, I am going to throw in a Giveaway! This is one of her favorite items on my website, I will give away a Child's size Apron. Right now I only have 2 available at the website but I have many more for both girls AND boys that I will be adding soon, so if you have a little diva or a little dude, still participate because I can send you your freebie for either!!

As always, all you have to do is reply to this post {make sure to add your email addy so I can contact you} and you'll be automatically entered. I will announce the winner Monday, November 10th.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New products coming soon!!

This past weekend, I was able to introduce to the general public some of my new designs, may of them sold out before I was able to take professional pictures of them so it will be a few days to a couple of weeks before I'm able to offer them here on my website. But I'm so excited about all the new products I wanted to give you all a sneak peak of all the new Natitys Design goodies and Updates!
I've uploaded new onesies {sorry again, had many more but ended up selling them before I was able to take pictures} and there will be many more soon!
And for the Mommies and Girls, there are now new Boutique Aprons available, just a few prints right now, but I'm adding many more, and other styles as well!

If you take a look at the booth, there are several bibs, car seat covers, onesies and Tooth Fairy Pillows. The tooth fairy pillows will be available for sale in about 2 weeks or so, they are made with chenille, minky, whimsy fabrics and will be available for both girls and boys. The price will start at $26.00 each. The actual fairies you see here, come from a vintage fabric I bought years ago, and it is discontinued, so the amount I can sell are limited, they flew off the shelves at the Holiday Bazaar, hopefully you like them as much as the ladies at Langley! :)
There are other surprises to come, I just want to keep them a secret until next time ;) And ... there will also be a giveaway soon!
Thanks so much for reading and sending me all those wonderful emails! I'm definitely taking everyone's ideas in consideration for more Holiday projects!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

We have a winner!!

And the clippie winner is .... {drum roll please}

ALIA!!! Congrats!! I will be contacting you shortly, thanks everyone for participating, you all rock!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Trendy Textiles Blog

I'm being featured at the Trendy Textiles Blog today, how much fun! Trendy Textiles is a team of Independent Designers who create handcrafted products for Baby, Children, Parents and home. Above all, we share the love for fabric, we get inside scoops in designs and new products from fabric manufacturers, we share tips, have launches and promos for our customers ... among other things!

We are also an Etsy Team {etsy is a website where all things are handmade, if you've never seen it, you simply must, you will be so delighted!}. We have "wacky Wednesday's" where we will sell items at $x.99 or at 99 cents, you never know what you will find!

If you are an Independent Designer who sells sewn products, I encourage you to apply for membership if you are not already a member. There's lots of things going on in here!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cupcakes or Ice Cream? Win a free pair!

My good friend Libby contacted me yesterday to let me know that she is introducing two new hair clippies to her gorgeous line of hair accessories, these clippies are so yummy and adorable that we are certain that it will be really hard to chose between them, so, to make things interesting, she would like to hear YOUR opinion, we'd like to know which clippie you like best, and for your opinion, you'll be entered to win a free clippie! So go on, tell me, which clippie do you like best?

We have the adorable and tasteful Cupcake, made with felt, accessorized with beads and it even has a faux pearl on the top to add flare. And on the other hand, we have the delicious and always refreshing Ice Cream cone, that is also made of felt, and has little pink beads that resemble sprinkles on the ice cream ... so hard to choose!!

To tell you a bit about Libby's company, Hair Bow Holders, she has the cutest and most affordable website that offers Boutique Hair Accessories and Hair Bow Holders {well, of course}. I've know Libby or a while because we both participate in the OKID Designer Blog and I've personally purchased clippies from her, recently I bought the adorable Dorothy's Red Slippers Clippie, Natalie will be Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz this Halloween and well, we simply MUST have those, check her website out, she has so many adorable things, it will be hard to choose just one.

Did you know that tomorrow, October 18th, it's National Cupcake Day?? I assume that means I simply MUST break my diet and eat as many cupcakes as I'd like ... you know, to keep this National Holiday alive! There's so many holidays too, Ice Cream day is July 3rd, who knew this? I was not aware but from now on, I simply MUST have tons of ice cream that day ... ahh what we do to keep the Holiday spirit alive, it's a price I'm willing to pay {LOL}.

So, with that piece of information, I ask again, Cupcake or Ice Cream? Let's hear your votes, and as always, please remember to add your email address or sign into your blogger account before leaving me the message so I have a way of contacting you if you win. I will draw a winner on Wednesday, October 22nd. Good Luck!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Auctions have started at the Blissfest for the Nielsen's !!

I am SO EXCITED to see all of the Natitys products at the online auction!! I learned that Stephanie is an advocate of Nursing your baby so I know she will be super excited that the Nursing Covers are doing so well!

So far, one of the nursing covers is up at $50.00 {wohoo!!!} that is twice as much as the retail price, you can definitely feel the love. This has been such a great experience for me, I am very proud to be part of it, even if it is in such a small way.

Please stop by the online auction if you cannot attend this Saturday, there are many goodies there that I'm sure you'll love, and on top of that, you'll know that your money is going to a great cause, this is as good as it gets for shopping!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Christmas Stockings in the shop

Every year, here at home, we have our regular Christmas ornaments, we put up a tree with our lights and decor, the whole house looks very "Christmasy" with the usual colors, green, red, gold etc.
I've always had for the girls a small Christmas tree in their room, one of those you buy at the big box stores for $15.00 or so, and every year we make our own decorations for that tree, it's always very very special, in addition to that, we also put up the Christmas stockings, the ones we use for our fireplace are actually the same ones we've had for years, my husband has had the same stocking all his life, and when we got married, my Mother in Law made sure we all got a stocking with our names on it, so, they are very meaningful to us, and those are the stockings we use in our fireplace.
For the girl's rooms, we normally make special items, I don't know, I think it's partially because we like to spoil the heck out of them, but my excuse is that I like to extend the decoration to the entire house, and, at least for my girls, their rooms are their world, they're the princesses of that far away land ... and for Mommy to come invade with her picked decor is just an insult ... lol, well, maybe not an "insult" but you get what I mean.
So, with people like me in mind, I'm creating what is going to be a pretty long line of Holiday Stockings, made with all the funky fabrics you see throughout my site, they are priced between $20.00 to $25.00 each, a steal for a hand-crafted, boutique quality, gorgeous piece of Holiday Tradition if you asked me!
We are starting to sell these wayy early, this is because, of course, there is always a bit of a wait time to get them out, so we want to be sure you will have plenty of time to order and receive these for the Holidays. I am trying to have most of them ready for shipping, but they are moving quickly so, I want to make sure I let you all know about these with time :)
I also uploaded today this gorgeous Baby Girl Bib, where I used Candy Disco Dots, with an applique of an adorable Birdie in Dandy Damask, the bib is lined with terry cloth, to make it absorbent, and backed with pink swirls minky dots. Just beautiful! And an awesome stocking stuffer!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Wanted to Wonder's Clearance Sale on ebay!!!

My friends Nancy and Pat are discontinuing their Bolster Pillows and with this new move, they have put on clearance all these adorable pillows, starting at $0.99!!!! You CANNOT beat that!!

Only 2 days left! Iwantedtowonder is an online boutique that has been around for years, the owners, Pat and Nancy are a Mother-Daughter team and they create decor items as well as fashion for little girls, Nancy does the painting and Pat does the sewing, I personally own several of Nancy's art pieces and prints and I have also purchased them for customers as gifts, and my Girls have some of Pat's gorgeous designs and I can vouch you are getting an incredibly product, I myself cannot believe that they are going for 99 cents!!

Columbus Day Sale: Save 20% off your entire purchase!

A little bit about Columbus Day from Wikipedia:

"Columbus celebrations commemorate the Genoese explorer's first expedition across the Atlantic Ocean in 1492. Columbus, on commission by the Spanish monarchy, was hoping to find a new naval route to India and the other nations of the East, but instead found the American continent which was virtually unknown to Europeans at the time. Columbus's sailor Rodrigo de Triana was the first on the voyage to spot land in the New World; he found the island the natives called Guanahani at approximately 2:00 AM on October 12, 1492. The exact location of this island is unknown, though it was somewhere in the Bahamas. Columbus's expedition launched the first large-scale European colonization of the Americas."

We are having a Columbus Day Sale! We are offering a 20% off your entire purchase coupon from now through Wednesday, October 15th, use coupon code COLUM when you check out. We have many new items available for you to start your Holiday Shopping early, and if you've had your eye in more than one thing for your baby lately, now is the time to get it, 20% off your entire purchase! And did you know all orders over $100.00 also ship free? Hmmm, something to think about, I always tell my clients, if you do not have enough in your cart to make it $100.00 maybe you want to combine your order with a friend who lives close by, some ideas to save you money!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Save the Date! Fall Fest at Alpharetta First United Methodist

If you are in the Alpharetta, GA area, this is most definitely something you do not want to miss! The fair itself is a family friendly gathering where you will find entertainment, food, activities {including free pony rides for kids} and crafts!! Stop by MaryAnna's booth from Doodle Pad Designs, MaryAnna specializes in hand-painted decor, in her website, you will find all kinds of decor details like Drawer Knobs and Pulls, Finals {my favorites!}, a gorgeous line of Paper Crafts like hand tags and party favors, and of course, Christmas Ornaments, they are TDF!

She will also be also offering some of our products, like Holiday Gift Sets, Bibs and our brand new Holiday Stockings!! They will be offered at an introductory price available only at the show, I only had a chance to send her one of each print available so, if you miss the one you wanted to walk away from, she will be able to take your information or direct you to the website for you to place the order yourself. Either way, it's a great time to start shopping for the Holidays, you will find many unique and beautiful products for sure!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall Bliss Fest & Market : Saturday, October 18th to benefit the Nielsen family

This is a widely known event within the Indie Designer Community and in the Arizona area, but in case you are not familiar {like I was for a long time} here's the info:

To make a very long, and emotional story short, the Nielsen family we are talking about consist in Stephanie {The Nienie Dialogues}, Christian and their 4 beautiful children {Claire, Jane, Oliver, Nicholas}, on August 16th, Stephanie and Christian were involved in an airplane accident, that resulted in the loss of one life {flight instructor, Mr. Doug Kinneard} and extensive burns to Stephanie and Christian {80 and 30% of their bodies}. At this time, they are both enduring what is going to be a very long journey to recovery. You can read all about their incredible story at About Nie. We have all learned a lot from this family, it is truly amazing how so much people, who have never heard from each other, who had no idea who the Nielsen family were, have come together to help, and create an event like this. It is going to be a lot of fun, a lot of us designers, and sellers from all types of businesses have donated products and services for raffles, silent auctions and online auctions, all proceeds will of course go to the Nielsen family.

We heard about the event from our new friends at Blissful Living, {who, by the way, is probably one of the coolest places on earth!} who are organizing all this. If you are in the Mesa, Arizona area, this is an event you do not want to miss, stop by, have fun, shop, give to a good cause, meet the family and friends, it really promises to be an awesome experience. I'm just sad I cannot attend :( ... but! They will have some of our goodies that will be sold in their auctions and raffles, items will include one Toddler Car Seat Cover, and a few Nursing Covers, we'll see what else we can fit in that box!

If you cannot make it there, you can always donate directly {scroll down and look for the "Donate to NieNie" banner}, or, even more fun, you can shop! The Bliss Fest Auctions are a great place to shop online and if you are a blogger, or a website owner, there is also a perfect goodie for you, Banners by Lyndsay is also offering a GORGEOUS collection of banners {like the one I'm debuting above!! Sooooo beautiful!!} all you have to do to get this deal is donate $20.00 or more to the Etsy fund, then forward her the information, her email address is in her blog.

Although this family does need funds financial help, they also need a lot of prayers, I have to admit that since I read about them, every day, I pray for both Stephanie and Christian are having a good day towards their recovery, for their family to have a smooth day dealing with doctors, media, the extra activities of the children, for their children to be having a sweet, worry less day, and I also pray to be as strong as this family is one day.

So, if you can, join me and others and say a little prayer for them, and take a few moments to read the blogs, to me, it really did a lot of good, life smells sweeter and I'm enjoying my family and my kids even more if that's believable and possible! :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Introducing: Custom Boutique Christmas Holiday Stockings

Who said it's too early for Christmas? Jingle all the way with these lovely new Christmas Stockings! Start your Holiday shopping early, and support all the Mom - Owned boutiques!

The coolest thing about these stockings is that we skipped the Holiday fabrics and used the same Mod, trendy fabrics we use for all our designs like Carnival Bloom, Mocca, Damasks and more! Retro funky flowers, soft plush minky, gorgeous ball trims, you will find a little bit for everyone here! You can complete the look with coordinating Bibs and Burp cloths for a complete gift set!

We can even gift wrap these cuties for you! All $25.00 and under, a great deal! They are nice and versatile, can really be used for the Holidays or any other occasion.

I normally decorate my girl's bedroom with their own little thing for Christmas {normally lots of Pinks and Greens, I even have a small Christmas tree to put in their room, and we make crafts that we use as ornaments every year} so, this are an excellent piece for their rooms too!

Approx 20" tall at it's longest point
About 12" wide

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Holiday Shopping already?

We were out of town for an entire week for my brother in law's wedding down in Florida, and during this week, while shopping around for wedding gifts, I noticed how much Holiday stuff there's out already, I've been looking online a lot and it looks like a lot of us have started adding Holiday items as well. I think that because economy is not so great, it's probably a good idea to start your holiday shopping early this year. I personally made a promise to myself and decided I was going to give as much handmade as possible, not from me, but from fellow designers and boutiques, I think it's an awesome way to help support each other, so, today, shopping around, I found that I'm definitely not the only one who had this idea {haha!} and I found out that there is this whole online directory being cooked with Mom-preteurs websites for the Holidays! Well, of course I added Natitys to the list, should be up any minute tonight {thanks Laurie!} and I thouht I'd share with you the site, so you could do a little bit of early Holiday shopping yourself: Tip Junkie Shop-athon

I'm also working on some new Holiday items, that will be introduced in the upcoming Holiday Show in Georgia later this month, me good friend MaryAnna from Doodle Pad Designs will be attending the show and has an amazing booth cooked up, I will post more information about the show in a few days when we get all the details covered. For now, this online shopathon is looking very promissing! There's also some great introductions to Etsy with my friends from OKID, so, lots of good things coming up! Stay tuned!!