Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Auctions have started at the Blissfest for the Nielsen's !!

I am SO EXCITED to see all of the Natitys products at the online auction!! I learned that Stephanie is an advocate of Nursing your baby so I know she will be super excited that the Nursing Covers are doing so well!

So far, one of the nursing covers is up at $50.00 {wohoo!!!} that is twice as much as the retail price, you can definitely feel the love. This has been such a great experience for me, I am very proud to be part of it, even if it is in such a small way.

Please stop by the online auction if you cannot attend this Saturday, there are many goodies there that I'm sure you'll love, and on top of that, you'll know that your money is going to a great cause, this is as good as it gets for shopping!

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