Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall Bliss Fest & Market : Saturday, October 18th to benefit the Nielsen family

This is a widely known event within the Indie Designer Community and in the Arizona area, but in case you are not familiar {like I was for a long time} here's the info:

To make a very long, and emotional story short, the Nielsen family we are talking about consist in Stephanie {The Nienie Dialogues}, Christian and their 4 beautiful children {Claire, Jane, Oliver, Nicholas}, on August 16th, Stephanie and Christian were involved in an airplane accident, that resulted in the loss of one life {flight instructor, Mr. Doug Kinneard} and extensive burns to Stephanie and Christian {80 and 30% of their bodies}. At this time, they are both enduring what is going to be a very long journey to recovery. You can read all about their incredible story at About Nie. We have all learned a lot from this family, it is truly amazing how so much people, who have never heard from each other, who had no idea who the Nielsen family were, have come together to help, and create an event like this. It is going to be a lot of fun, a lot of us designers, and sellers from all types of businesses have donated products and services for raffles, silent auctions and online auctions, all proceeds will of course go to the Nielsen family.

We heard about the event from our new friends at Blissful Living, {who, by the way, is probably one of the coolest places on earth!} who are organizing all this. If you are in the Mesa, Arizona area, this is an event you do not want to miss, stop by, have fun, shop, give to a good cause, meet the family and friends, it really promises to be an awesome experience. I'm just sad I cannot attend :( ... but! They will have some of our goodies that will be sold in their auctions and raffles, items will include one Toddler Car Seat Cover, and a few Nursing Covers, we'll see what else we can fit in that box!

If you cannot make it there, you can always donate directly {scroll down and look for the "Donate to NieNie" banner}, or, even more fun, you can shop! The Bliss Fest Auctions are a great place to shop online and if you are a blogger, or a website owner, there is also a perfect goodie for you, Banners by Lyndsay is also offering a GORGEOUS collection of banners {like the one I'm debuting above!! Sooooo beautiful!!} all you have to do to get this deal is donate $20.00 or more to the Etsy fund, then forward her the information, her email address is in her blog.

Although this family does need funds financial help, they also need a lot of prayers, I have to admit that since I read about them, every day, I pray for both Stephanie and Christian are having a good day towards their recovery, for their family to have a smooth day dealing with doctors, media, the extra activities of the children, for their children to be having a sweet, worry less day, and I also pray to be as strong as this family is one day.

So, if you can, join me and others and say a little prayer for them, and take a few moments to read the blogs, to me, it really did a lot of good, life smells sweeter and I'm enjoying my family and my kids even more if that's believable and possible! :)

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