Sunday, October 5, 2008

Holiday Shopping already?

We were out of town for an entire week for my brother in law's wedding down in Florida, and during this week, while shopping around for wedding gifts, I noticed how much Holiday stuff there's out already, I've been looking online a lot and it looks like a lot of us have started adding Holiday items as well. I think that because economy is not so great, it's probably a good idea to start your holiday shopping early this year. I personally made a promise to myself and decided I was going to give as much handmade as possible, not from me, but from fellow designers and boutiques, I think it's an awesome way to help support each other, so, today, shopping around, I found that I'm definitely not the only one who had this idea {haha!} and I found out that there is this whole online directory being cooked with Mom-preteurs websites for the Holidays! Well, of course I added Natitys to the list, should be up any minute tonight {thanks Laurie!} and I thouht I'd share with you the site, so you could do a little bit of early Holiday shopping yourself: Tip Junkie Shop-athon

I'm also working on some new Holiday items, that will be introduced in the upcoming Holiday Show in Georgia later this month, me good friend MaryAnna from Doodle Pad Designs will be attending the show and has an amazing booth cooked up, I will post more information about the show in a few days when we get all the details covered. For now, this online shopathon is looking very promissing! There's also some great introductions to Etsy with my friends from OKID, so, lots of good things coming up! Stay tuned!!


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