Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New products coming soon!!

This past weekend, I was able to introduce to the general public some of my new designs, may of them sold out before I was able to take professional pictures of them so it will be a few days to a couple of weeks before I'm able to offer them here on my website. But I'm so excited about all the new products I wanted to give you all a sneak peak of all the new Natitys Design goodies and Updates!
I've uploaded new onesies {sorry again, had many more but ended up selling them before I was able to take pictures} and there will be many more soon!
And for the Mommies and Girls, there are now new Boutique Aprons available, just a few prints right now, but I'm adding many more, and other styles as well!

If you take a look at the booth, there are several bibs, car seat covers, onesies and Tooth Fairy Pillows. The tooth fairy pillows will be available for sale in about 2 weeks or so, they are made with chenille, minky, whimsy fabrics and will be available for both girls and boys. The price will start at $26.00 each. The actual fairies you see here, come from a vintage fabric I bought years ago, and it is discontinued, so the amount I can sell are limited, they flew off the shelves at the Holiday Bazaar, hopefully you like them as much as the ladies at Langley! :)
There are other surprises to come, I just want to keep them a secret until next time ;) And ... there will also be a giveaway soon!
Thanks so much for reading and sending me all those wonderful emails! I'm definitely taking everyone's ideas in consideration for more Holiday projects!!


Pink Lemonade Bags said...

Your booth looks great! I am so glad you had a successful day!

Eloisa Docton said...

Thanks Caroline! I really did have an awesome time!