Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Natitys is having a BLACK FRIDAY sale!!

If you've had your eye on an item or a few in my store, Friday is the day to get it, save 40% OFF your entire purchase, yes, you read right, your entire purchase!! But only Friday, not a day sooner, not a day later.

Use coupon code BLFR when you check out, there are no rain checks, cannot be combined with any other promo, save 40% off your purchase!!

Have you looked at our items lately? There's something for everyone! Aprons for Mommy, Daddy and Kids, all our covers, accessories, bedding, bibs, burpies, onesies, Christmas stockings and more, we have a HUGE fabric selection for EVERYTHING in our store, so, be sure to check out our "Custom Fabric Collections" as well. Boy what a week!! So, before going to the large box stores and make the huge lines, consider sitting down with a warm cup of coffee in your couch, and do all your shopping with the tips of your fingers!

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