Sunday, November 23, 2008

Our Holiday Schedule is Up!

Good evening everyone!
We will be closed from Wednesday, November 27th until Monday, December 1st for the Thanksgiving Holiday. And our Holiday Schedule is also up in our website, make sure to remember most of our goodies are made to order, so be sure to have ample time to get them in your hands on time for Gift Giving season.

What's new this week? Other than our Oh My Gosh We're running out of room sale, we have a new sale coming up starting Wednesday for our Custom Boutique Christmas Stockings, since the Holidays are going to be officially starting after Thanksgiving {is that how that really goes?}, these special savings will help you tons with your Holiday Shopping!

Speaking of the Holidays and shopping, did you know we are also featuring our Christmas Products on Etsy along with all our friends from OKID? If you haven't seen Etsy, you definitely should, I am completely addicted to it. In our OKID Etsy shop, you can find products from our good frends at DoodlePadDesigns, HairBowHolders, IwantedToWonder and FarmhouseFive, lots of affordable ideas and things that anyone in your family will enjoy. A great deal about buying in out etsy shop is the fact that you can have yous shipping combined versus shopping from several different websites and paying separate shipping, your items will come from all separate studios, but the shipping charge will remain the same, great deal!!

Anyhoo, Christmas Stockings! 10% OFF from Wednesday, November 27th until Monday, December 1st! Don't miss out!! Thanks so much for reading and have a very lovely season if I don't get to talk to you before Thanksgiving. I do have a wonderful few recipes I will be adding to the blog during next week, maybe you'd like to try them out for the Holidays!

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