Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Had a very productive day!

Despite the fact that both my kids were home with a cold, it was raining cats and dogs outside and hubby was out all day at medical appointments for his ankle, I was able to complete all the orders I had in my plate today! Lunch Boxes, Media wristlets and of course, a ton of dolls! Here they are, I think they turned out just lovely!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Blythe Inspired Cloth Dolls are in!

OK, so I've been drooling around for ages over the Blythe dolls, and I know I'm just one of thousands! I asked Santa for one this year, we will see if I've been naughty or nice on the 25th LOL. Anyway, Therese and I were brainstorming the other day, we have all these plans for our new dolls, and, basically to please me, she made these gorgeous Blythe Doll inspired faces. These dolls are of course hand crafted and are not Blythe dolls, they are inspired by the adorable collector Blythe doll. They feature lots of details including removable skirts and shoes, you will love these dolls! I'm having a hard time parting from them as it is, because these are ready-made dolls, they are ready to ship, so if you order before the 17th {in the US} you can probably get them on time for the Holidays. You have 2 to chose from, Blonde Fashionista and Funky Pink.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Last day for custom orders for Christmas

Hi all! Just a quick note to remind you that December 4th is the last day to place custom orders for Christmas delivery! Thank you all for your patronage and I will post more soon :D

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Free Gift with every purchase

Remember to order before December 4th to ensure delivery before Christmas! We will be including a free surprise gift with all orders placed from November 30th until December 4th. Orders placed between December 5th and December 11th can still make it on time with expedited order charges. Because we will also be closing for the Holidays, orders placed after December 11th will ship after January 1st.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Harajuku Lovers Inspired Dolls

Treat your little one with these one of a kind dolls! This particular cutie was inspired by the popular "Harajuku Lovers" dolls. I originally designed these for my "All things Japanese" sister who is very allergic to perfumes, I wanted to make something to resemble these adorable bottles. Now, these dolls are not an exact match and are not designed to copy the original bottles, that are obviously copyrighted} but they are our inspiration though:D

♥ Hand painted face
♥ Eco-friendly felt hair
♥ 100% cotton fabric
♥ Hypo Allergenic stuffing
♥ Measures approximately 15" tall

Get them while they're hot!! Here's the link

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi all! I would like to take a moment just to say "thank you" for your support, your comments, ideas, patronage and friendship. I know you are probably having a fun filled day that involves turkey and family so I will make this short. I cannot tell you how grateful I am of having such a wonderful audience and customers, without you, we cannot be. For that, please accept this 10% off gift from us, good through Monday, November 30th. To receive it, you need to use this special link, it will not work going directly to our website. Thank you again and have a wonderful and dafe holiday.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Stocking Stuffers under $10.00 are here!

Looking for inexpensive stocking stuffers? Then you need to take a peek inside our gift shop! I just uploaded these amazing kid's wallets, large enough to add a gift card, cash and coins. Available in really pretty and cool fabrics, there will be more every day so if you don't see what you are looking for, you can always drop us a note with special requests! You cannot beat a $10.00 gift!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Have you seen this blog?

Did you know that I belong to a fabulous Kid Designer group called OKID? Let me start from the beginning, OKID has been around for years, probably longer than I've been in business, they started out as a group of designers who used to sell their art and boutique children's items on ebay, and from there it evolved into a household name for boutique children's items.
Over the years the group has gone through several changes, some artists have retired, some have gone their own way and some new ones have joined. Currently, all the OKID designers can be found on etsy, and everyone has their own website where they do the majority of their business.
Our group is based on a beautiful friendship of women who make a living doing what they love. We have all been there for each other and have endured anything and everything that a true friendship can endure.
Let me introduce you to the OKID designers, one by one, alphabetically:

ChicBazar: this is my Mom's shop, she designs and makes women's accessories like hand bags, wallets, make up bags, diaper bags and more. All of her items are carefully sewn, made with designer fabrics and materials inside and out, she puts a lot of care and attention to all her creations.

DoodlePadDesigns: MaryAnna has lots of projects with her business, primarily, DoodlePaddesigns specializes in custom hand painted boutique drawer knobs; they are made to coordinate with whatever you need them to, they complete any room and any decor. In addition to the knobs and pulls, MaryAnna also offers a gorgeous Holiday collection of items that includes ornaments and gift tags, almost one half of the year, her work is concentrated in these amazing items, and lastly, she also offers the whimsiest papers collection there is, from business cards, to stickers and stationary, you will find the most adorable, best presented and affordable items out there, for personal use or your small business.

: Libby makes the most beautiful hair bow holders, that can be coordinated with your little one's room, completely personalized and made by your specifications. Libby also offers a huge variety of hair accessories that everyone loves and are appropriate for girls of any age.

Iwantedtowonder: Nancy and Pat are a mom and daughter team. Nancy offers the most beautiful paintings and hair bow holders {unlike Libby's, Nancy's hair bow holders are an actual canvas painting, with the holders attached, Libby's are actual signs, they are both TDF!} all the art work Nancy makes is kid inspired and coordinates beautifully with popular decor. Pat offers gorgeous children's boutique clothes, accessories and gifts. During the holidays, you should also check Pat's gorgeous pet stockings, they are soooo adorable!

: Therese specializes in all sorts of art work that coordinate with beautiful and popular bedding sets and room decor. She makes anything and everything there is to offer for your little one's walls, from wall paper cut outs, to prints, paintings, name meaning wood signs, wall clocks and more. She, as I've said about a thousand times, is the artist behind the Hand Painted Dolls offered on both our sites.

And you already know me! So, there you go, these are my designer friends, they all have blogs, newsletters, facebook fan pages, you should check them all out! But if you don't have the time, we do have a combined blog, for the entire group, where we keep you in the loop with our new products, sales, and news, check us out:

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Christmas Countdown-Farmhousefive

Therese is a very good friend of mine, I've always admired her work and I have tons of things I've bought from her for my kids and as gifts. It's also a great experience to work with her, as you might know, she's the creator of the beautiful faces of the hand painted dolls on our website.
Last year, as an "end of the school year" gift for Natalie's teacher, Therese made a beautiful Name Meaning Sign with her teacher's name on it and the theme was The Cat in the Hat. Now, she proudly displays it in her classroom as a reminder of that year and how much she is appreciated.

Therese will also add a gift card to coordinate for just a dollar more! If you are looking to give your children's teachers, or care givers handmade gifts this year, I recommend these awesome and affordable signs. {psst, a savings tip: sign up for her newsletter and you will receive a 10% off code, these are savings in addition to the FREE US Shipping she has on every single day!}

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Christmas Countdown-Doodle Pad Designs

Hi all! As all of you, I've been shopping around for my Holiday gift giving for my family and friends! With the economy the way it is, it's very important you know where your money is going to, personally, I prefer to put my gift giving budget into hand crafted and local shops vs the big chains, I figure a local shop or an individual can definitely use the money more than the big box stores can. I've come across a lot of wonderful finds and I wanted to share them with you so I will be doing one at a time as I can from now till the Holidays, to give you ideas, some people are hard to shop for! lol

Anyway, I wanted to start of with ornaments, these are made by my friend MaryAnna from Doodle Pad Designs, my daughter, Natalie, won an ornament a few weeks ago when she participated in a giveaway on her Facebook page, so I took advantage and bought one for Claire too so she could mail them together along with my business stickers I also bought from her. Here's what I received:

I know, my pics are horrible, MA was just telling me how hard it is to take pictures of these cuties, the images absolutely do not give them justice, these ornaments are high quality, the painting has sparkles, she personalizes the entire thing, adds names, dates, the little snow-people can be personalized with whatever you want, she even adds cute ribbon to add to the wow factor, in addition to this, the ornaments come perfectly packaged, in a beautiful decorated box that is perfect for gift giving!.

There are SO MANY options, think Holiday gifts for your child's Teacher, Babysitter, Nurse, your friend the Musician, First Christmases, Newlyweds ... she even has one ornament for the family and best friend {think about your child's best friend gift!} all for less than $13.00. Can you believe that? And let me say again, if you like what you see in the pictures, you will adore what you get in the mail, I promise! Just be sure you order with enough time for the Holidays, remember these are made-to-order. Thanks so much for reading!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Our Holiday Gift Shop is officially Open

Isn't it funny how immediately after Halloween all the Holiday stuff is out? Our Gift shop is officially open! I know we are about one week late! lol but there you will find quick ships, affordable and adorable items for Baby, Girls, Boys, Tweens and even some Moms, so please go and take a peak! We have lots of items that are available for personalization, to make that gift even more special! I've also uploaded this year's Holiday Schedule for your convenience so you know exactly when your goodies will depart.

I also wanted to let you know that I've been working with my close friend Therese from Farmhousefive creating more dollies this year, if you remember last year, we created "MyFaceDollies" and it was a hit during the Holidays, because making dolls to resemble your child in collaboration from two different people in different states can be costly and time consuming, we've decided to create a limited line of one of a kind dolls in batches so we can quick ship the dolls to the recipients without the long turn around time we used to have, we have uploaded the new dolls in the website at a great price and ready to ship, if you are interested in getting one of these cuties, remember they are all one of a kind, so once one is gone, she's gone for good. Therese is huge fan of the Liddle Kiddle dolls from the 60's so we have created a group of dolls inspired by them that turned out super cute!

Thanks as always for reading all my rambling, your attention is very much appreciated! There's one Giveaway coming soon so stay tunned!

Where have you been?

**Sight** where did I go, you ask? I have been nowhere, I have been here, working, on many, many things. October was a bit of a crazy month for us, you see, Claire's birthday is on the 30th, and we always make a Halloween birthday party, maybe one day she will get tired of it like I've heard people say, but so far, this is what she wants. This meant that not only did I have to organize a party here, I also had to make costumes for the girls. Natalie went through several ideas, this was extremely frustrating, from Punky Brewster {I let her watch the episodes on YouTube, along with other oldies like Alf, Rainbow Brite and Jem} to Coraline, to Silvermist, from the Tinkerbell movie. This last one, she kept. Claire on the other hand, was very simple, she said she wanted to be a witch from day one, and this is what she stuck with, she was SO excited to be a witch. If you're interested, I'll add a few links at the end with info on where I got all the "ingredients" for their outfits. I'll tell you right now, Etsy was my number one source. So, we had the party, over 30 kids came, then trick or treat, well, you get the idea, my whole month revolved around this one day, so, that's where I've been :) Here is a cute picture of the two cuties:

Witch Hat {MommasInsanity} Witch Socks {Mommarunswithsissors} Witch Outfit {Fabrics from Hancock Fabrics} Fairy Tiara {Joann}Fairy Dress {fabrics and trims from Hancock Fabrics} Wings {Walgreens} Makeup {PinkQuartzMinerals} and both pair of shoes from Payless Shoes the Halloween Bag Claire is using was purchased years ago at Bath and Body Works.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Hi all!

I can't thank you all enough for participating in the drawing of the Mei Tai carrier!!! I just finished tallying up and entering all the data using and we totally have a winner!!!

The winner for tonight's Mei Tai Carrier is Farmhousefive!!! Congrats Therese!! I hope your niece totally loves her carrier!

To view the entries and drawing by, click here

Again, thank you all for participating and being to wonderful, stay tuned for the next giveaway!

Monday, September 14, 2009

WIN a Boutique Mei Tai Carrier by Natitys!!

September 24th Giveaway!!

Win this Brand New Natitys Design Baby Carrier! Visit our website, browse around, and tell us about your favorite item, you can post it as a reply to our blog {make sure you are logged in or place your email addy so we can contact you if you win}

Extra entries:

  • Follow our Blog
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Sign up for our Newsletter
  • Add our Button to your BLOG
  • Blog about our giveaway {with a link}
  • Tweet about our giveaway {with a link}

Contest Rules:
  • This giveaway is open to US and Canada residents
  • Void where prohibited
  • You are entering to win the pictured carrier
  • Your information is never, ever sold or shared
  • Winner will be picked using
  • All entries should come before midnight, September 24th. 2009
  • Winner will be announced on or before October 1st, we will post the winner information in our website, and also send the info to the email address provided.

Good Luck!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Free Strap Covers Weekend!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

We hope you have a safe and fun Holiday!

To celebrate, we are offering, this weekend only, free Strap Covers when you purchase any car seat cover or stroller liner!
A $15.00 value! Just adding more to the savings!

We're Back!

Hi everyone! After a desperately needed vacation, I am happy to say we are back! Our shop is no open as usual and you can come in and get your goodies :)
We had a great time in our vacation, we went to Florida to my Parent's house, did the Disney thing, shopping and the best part, we celebrated Natalie's 8th Birthday Party there! I have some ideas to share with you!
Natalie is REALLY into books, one of her favorite collections is The English Roses by Madonna. She requested her Birthday party to be themed by the books. I looked online, almost restlessly for ideas, favors, anything that was Th English Roses related, and, not to under credit the retailers, but the only things I found were a hand full of over-priced clothes.
So, I had to get a bit creative, maybe not make the party about the characters per say, but about the roses and the colors. There were many things I wish I had more time to work on and made differently, but the party turned out gorgeous.
For example, I'm lucky enough to have Cake Makers in my family {MY Mom, and my Aunt} and together they made the beautiful cake, with polka dots and a bow. To make it fit better with the theme, I used this BEYOND Gorgeous Birthday Bird I bought from The Sugar Elf {talk about amazing, this birde is just amazing} and I also added some fabric mini roses I bought at the craft store, just placed them around the cake plate. We also had Cupcakes that were decorated in pink and green, it tied the whole thing together and it looked great.
The Pinata we bought from the local Party Store, it was an IceCream cone, they also have pinatas that you can decorate yourselves, if I had the time {I was totally out of time}, I would have used one of those and painted a rose to stick to the portion where you glue in your own image.
Do you see the breth-taking Gazebo? That's the gazebo my Dad built with very little help in his back yard, he totally designed it. built it, painted it... it is AMAZING, well, In addition to balloons, I bought some innexpensive lanterns in pastel colors, you can get them at your local box store or your local party store. You can add flare to them with ribbon on the top or you can get really creative and glue flowers or applique to them! I also found, inexpensive as well, honeycomb decorations, the ones I got where white balls, also can be decorated with ribbon.
Goodie bags were just the plain, clear ones you buy anywhere, and this is why, I have spent SO much money on goodie bags before, I even hand made and had sewn some felt ones one year {they are the reason the words "Goodie Bags" are no longer allowed in my house} and they always end up in the trash, so, what's the point? Anyways, clear bags, lots of candy, some fake jewelry and innexpnsive toys, and they were all happy.
For the prizes {when the kids play pin the tail on the donkey... or pin th dot on the ladybug in our case, another party store find} we gave the boys some really cool wallets my Mom makes and sells at her shop, and for the girls, I ordered from my good friend Tammy at XOXOTOVA these gorgeous Fall Doll Clips I had a horrible time giving away because I wanted to keep them all {LOL}.
And for the girl's outfits, they wanted to wear T-shirts and jeans, so I purchased white T-shirts from the box store, and hand painted them myself, after painting them, we "bedazzled" them as well, turned out pretty cool. And Tammy made {exclusively for my girls, but I know if you ask her, she will sell you some} the beautiful hair bands, they fit perfectly with the theme and the outfits!
I hope these ideas are useful for you! Thanks everyone for reading! Now I'm off to work!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer Vacation Closing and SALE

It's that time of the year again! Natitys will be closed from 8/15/09 {My Birthday!} through 9/2/09. We will be working on orders as normal until August 8th, all orders placed after the8th will require a 3-6 week wait time. For your inconvenience, we will be offering a 20% off coupon code that will be posted in our website, good from 8/9 to 9/1.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Boutique Custom Nap Mats are in!

Just in time for Back to School season! With so many uses, Nap Mats are a must have accessory to have for any child. Use them for sleep overs, child care, school and more!

  • Will fit over KinderMat {tm} nap mats: measuring about 22" x 47" with enough room to slide the mat inside.
  • Fully padded and lined: to add comfort and stable construction for your child.
  • Velcro {tm} closures: Easy open and close for better cleaning, all you do is slip the mat on and off through the velcro {tm} closures for washing.
  • Easy carrying design: they have 2 handles for your little one to carry as a suitcase, and also 2 tie around straps with velcro {tm} closures so your little one can easily open and close it plus light, compact design.
  • Choose from any of our fabric combination, first fabric for the cover and second fabric for the handles and ties. {Minky fabric cannot be used for the straps and handles}
  • Choose to purchase the cover only or the cover and the KinderMat {tm} together. {We carry the "Earth Friendly" KinderMat tm design}

Friday, July 10, 2009

CPSIA Awareness goes to Hollywood!

We are really exited to share with you the following information:

Oviedo, FL (June 2009) - Style Cafe Moms, an online leader in celebrity gifting, announces the presentation of a CPSIA Awareness Basket to Angelina Jolie, Tori Spelling and Julia Roberts.
Style Café Moms has put together these baskets with help from our clients, most of whom are work at home moms and all of whom will be affected by the CPSIA Law. This law, although originated to protect our children, is creating financial devastation (and even bankruptcy) to businesses whose products pose no threat to children and never have. The law is written very poorly. It’s too vague, too broad, and too retroactive-so come 2/10 it is unlawful for retailers to have inventory on their shelves that they can’t provide certificates for, causing them thousands of dollars in lost inventory that the day before was legal to sell (T-shirts, onesies, hairclips, socks, baby slings, etc.) Everything you can think of that you and your children enjoy, potentially will no longer be available, unless each product is lead tested by a third party lab approved by CPSC. Not such a big dea l you think, each test is an excess of $300+. And the test must be done for every production run, color variation, and repeated again on the same product when produced again costing businesses thousands of dollars, when the product may only take them a few hundred dollars a year itself. Fortunately this law has been stayed for one year and does not pose an immediate threat to these businesses but in a year we are hoping that a few celebrities can lend their voice or even just a letter to let congress know that such a law would put many work at home mothers out of business and stop the development of great products such as the ones included in this gift basket. We do hope you review the basket contents and would love to hear from you regarding any feedback you may have about the enclosed products. We strongly support the work at home mom community & we feel their products should be recognized to encourage their growth.
Style Café Moms is well known for delivering delicious gift baskets to celebrities as well as offering public relations services for women-owned businesses, including product placement, business promotion, brand awareness and general marketing.
Launched in 2007, Style Café Moms has grown to send approximately six gift baskets per month to celebrity recipients, helping propel the exposure of many small product developers and vendors who otherwise had limited outreach for marketing.
The CPSIA Awareness Baskets included sought after new products from the following businesses and up and coming designers:
Curious Workmanship: Designs and makes hand-crocheted items of quality and distinction for kitchen, bath, and baby.
Natity’s Design : Custom-made infant car seat covers, toddler seat covers, nursing covers, stroller liners and shopping cart covers.
Curly Q Cuties: Use our interactive monster maker to quickly create your own unique stuffed monster.
Twinkling Tees : Trendy clothing for babies, girls, women, boys, and even moms-to-be.
Quiqlite, Inc.: The world’s only hands free 100% concealed light source for your uniform shirt pocket.
Kota Couture: Cool clothing and accessories for kids and infants
Cutzie Patutzie Shoppe: Tutus, dresses, bows, headbands, and custom clothing
Baby Hipwear: BabyHipWear is the only clothing company in the wo rld that caters to the needs of children with hip dysplasia. They provide clothing options for the 'hip' kids that have to wear casts, harnesses and braces 24/7 for months at a time to correct the condition.
Memento: personalized gifts and custom embroidery for gifts such as clothing, bags, aprons, and blankets
Lucky Gabi: Tutus and girls clothing
Gocks Frocks: Custom handmade clothing and20accessories for kids, mom, and home.
Menacing Pickle: custom made jackets for kids that want to stand out from their friends
Monkey Baby Clothes: "Fun Fashion" for boys and girls that make them feel special, comfortable and inspired by all life has to offer them
Hipee Baby: Some of the most unique gifts out there, including diaper cakes and tie-dyed onesies.
Crafty Baby: We specialize in unique, handcrafted items for babies, toddlers and children. Great for baby showers, birthdays, nap time, or play time.
Cuckoo Boo: One of a kind handmade children’s apparel, hair accessories, badge clips, pacifier clips, magnets, and crayon rolls.
Rejoice! Body Care: Handmade, all natural home, body, and spa products
Baby Cheeks (The Trendy Tot): One-of-a-kind, hip clothing for your little one that you won't find in malls or superstores
Star Bright Baby: We make Teething Giraffes using 100% pre-washed cotton and they are stuffed using Eco-friendly Fiberfill. The stuffing is 100% renewable and plant-based, as well as hypo-allergenic.
Style Cafe Moms strives to deliver unique and creative marketing venues which have allowed businesses to receive extraordinary product distribution, publicity and media buzz. Product submissions are accepted throughout the year for celebrity basket inclusion, and interested businesses are encouraged to visit the website at for more information. As well, everyone is invited to join the Style Cafe Moms community and delve into the celebrity, fashion and business information that is available.

Friday, July 3, 2009

We are hosting a Giveaway!

Happy 4th of July! Ahh, the birthday of this great nation! What will you be doing this Holiday? We are staying low-key, can't do much with a man in a cast on his leg, but we will probably have friends over and sparkles, not too sure.

Here at Natitys, we have teamed up with our friends from A Giveaway Everyday Blog to host our LAST giveaway this summer so don't miss your chance to win a Custom Stroller liner! Know all the details by clicking here.

Whatever you do, and wherever you are, I hope you have a safe and memorable 4th of July, we have so many things to celebrate as a Nation!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New fabrics are in!!

New fabrics are in! And there's more coming soon! From Vintage Inspired fabrics to lots of animal prints, you will love these new ones!! As we did for our older versions, we have teamed them up with coordinating prints and minky for your convenience. Come take a look at our new fabrics in our Fabric Collections page!

First Row: Amelie White, Hot Pink Minky, Black Minky, Light Pink Minky, Aqua Minky
Second Row: Amelie Black, Amelie Grey, Olive Minky, Black-Grey Dots, Pink Dots

First Row: Animal Zoo Pink, Hot Pink Minky, Red Minky, Light pink minky, orange minky.
Second Row: Animal Zoo Blue, Olive minky, Blue Minky, Celery Dots, Pink Dots

First Row: Feeling Groovy Purple, Brown Minky, Purple MInky, Aqua Minky
Second Row: Feeling Groovy Aqua, Olive Minky, Navy Minky, Celery Dots, Groovy Guitars

First Row: Juicy Jungle, Hot Pink Minky, Purple Minky, Light Pink Minky, Pink Dots
Second Row: Juicy Jungle Blue, Olive Minky, Blue MInky, Celery Dots

First Row: Spotted Owls Green, Hot Pink Minky, Black Minky, Pink Minky, Aqua Minky, Orange Minky.
Second Row: Spotted Owls Blue, Spotted Owls Cream, Olive Minky, Brown Minky, Black-Grey Dots, Pink Dots

First Row: Funky Owls, Hot Pink Minky, Orange Minky, Black Minky, Aqua Minky
Second Row: Woodland, Purple Minky, Olive Minky, Aqua White Dots

First Row: Zoology Black, Black-Grey Dots, Orange MInky, Black Minky, Olive Minky
Second Row: Zoology Brown, Aqua Minky, Celery Dots, Aqua White Dots, Brown Minky.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer News and Sale!

Hi all! I hope everyone is having a great summer vacation! So far, I have been really busy, unfortunately, the kids, are bored out of their minds. We had all these plans for the summer that have now gone down the drain since my husband's injury. So, since going out of town is probably out of the question {we'll know a bit more once his cast comes off next month but so far, we stay put} we decided to "redo" Natalie's room, and for Claire, since she just got a new room makeover a few months ago, we will be working on school stuff. Natalie went back and fourth on what kind of decor she wanted, this was very painful. So, the new plan, is to decorate the room with everything she likes, "Natalie's world" per say {lol} and we are starting with her bedding, after looking at about 50 bedding sets online {I know, I know, what am I doing looking at that stuff online if I can make it for her, read the rest of the story} she decides she wants ME to make her one, with "cool fabrics" ... well, after looking at HUNDREDS of "cool fabrics", we decided to go with a quilt, nothing very fancy, just a regular patchwork quilt with cute fabrics. OK, went through my fabrics, found quite a few we could use, narrowed it down to around 11 prints ... started cutting, and then it hit me, Natalie can sew straight lines! So, she did, I had her put together the pieces in rows, and then I sewed all the rows together... over 200 pieces of fabrics and about 4 hours later, we had the top of her quilt! Tomorrow, after all my "work projects" we will be working on the batting and the backing. I'm so proud of her, I think this is going to be a great and inexpensive way for us to spend our time this summer, at least for a few weeks! lol

Now for the sale, if you did not know, there us a coupon currently for all my readers, good until the end of next month, 20% off your entire purchase, use code LESC when you check out, and if you are purchasing multiple items, we are offering a "multiple order discount" {up to 30% off on select items} click here for details. In addition to these, we have added to our site once again our great diaper clutches, perfect for the summer! The regular price is a steal $16.99, but this week you can purchase them for $14.99. Sale ends July 5th.

I will continue to add pictures of the projects for Natalie's bedroom as we go and thanks so much for reading!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Well, until I decided to actually write and put in words my thoughts on Father's Day, I had not realized how incredibly fortunate I have been. I know a lot of people do think they have the best Dad in the whole world, I'm one of them. There's many reasons why so many of us believe this, mine is really simple, love.
My Dad, is truly one of the most fascinating people I have ever met, and this is not just because he's my Dad, and you'll see why. He was born in the 40's, just one of 2 children, they lived in a very rural area in Puerto Rico. It seemed he had it laid all his life laid out to what he wanted it to be, he married to his childhood sweetheart and he was serving in the Army until something very unexpected happened, his wife sadly and suddenly passed away from a very rare and undetected disease. This was just one of a series of events that taught him to live life at it's fullest, and this is exactly what he did, aside from the Army, he also worked in a bank, ran the first movie theater in our town, worked in cruises, moved to a tour guide in the Caribbean Islands, started working in hotels, and this is where he met my Mom, fell in love, married, had us kids and took us all along for the ride. One thing that has always impressed me about my Dad, is really the amount of dreams he has reached, he has done more than what a normal person, in one lifetime can accomplish, really!
We grew up moving almost every year from country to country, in hotels all over the place, the Hotel was our home, the staff was our family. {We have "cousins" all over the world}. We grew up very differently from most people, and from most our "blood" family, we didn't get to share much with our real cousins, aunts and uncles. But somehow, he made it all work, I think this is the reason why we are so tight as a family now.
My Dad has taught me many, many things, of course, but if I could narrow, I will always cherish and hope I can teach my own kids is, life is truly amazing if you let it be, you should always follow your dreams, even if your dreams take you thousands of miles away from your comfort zone, keep an open mind and an open heart to things that may come your way, and always remember, we are all loaned on this world, at any moment, you or your loved ones might not be here anymore, so we should never put yourself in the position of regret.
On this day, I say"I love you, Daddy" a little sweeter than ever, I think about him {wishing I could be closer to go to that BBQ he's probably preparing in his new Gazebo}, think about my Paul, who's a little bit like him {they share the same birthday, how about that? Happy Father's Day, honey}.
And Lastly, I'd like to send a huge hug to my dear friend Therese, who lost her father recently, I'm thinking of you and your family, I know your Dad is in your heart every day and especially today.
Lots of love to all and have a wonderful, loving Father's Day. Thanks for reading! xoxo Eloisa

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Want to win a stroller liner?

Then you need to enter our new giveaway! We have teamed up with the wonderful Sage, the creator and writer of the blog Sage and Savvy, who calls herself a "light-green" mommy, she offers reviews and information of products she uses or comes across, and it's a wonderful source for honest opinions. Sage and Savvy is currently celebrating their "Blogiversary" with giveaways every day until July 10th! So don't miss your chance, the Natitys Stroller Liner giveaway ends June 22nd. And there's plenty more to giveaway on this spectacular celebration!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Some cute etsy finds

Buy Handmade

Now these are cute! These shops along with about 3 times more are offering a special Customer Appreciation sale that ends 6/15. I found many, many favorites, if you are searching for unique, one of a kind items, don't forget to check out etsy. And to view all the beautiful shops participating in this special sale, click here.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Local shop in Orlando, FL

It's official, if you are in the Orlando area, you can now purchase Natitys Design items {along with an incredible collection of other designers like my Mom} in a wonderful Co-Op shop called Cottage Industry, the building has a tea shop where you can sit, relax and enjoy a drink, plus, you can walk to the other side and shop for handmade items by local artists and other co-op events, you will just love what this shop has to offer. The Cottage Industry is located at 1600 Edgewater Drive,Orlando, Florida 32804, Phone: 407.999.5251 and it is open 7 days a week.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Custom Universal Toddler Covers!!!

We designed these covers for ease of fit on those toddler car seats that have the one hand adjustable harness like the new line of Evenflo car seats {Triumph Advance LX} and most other seats like Eddie Bauer, Sunshine Kids, Graco, Safety 1st. Combi and more!

The secret to these covers are the velcro closures and the vertical slot openings. They make these covers virtually universal!They even git on the Britax Lines!

Choose from one fabric to a combination of two fabrics and you may also select if you would like it to be padded or not.

Hurry! They are now being offered at an introductory price of only $40.00 for the non-padded version and $50.00 for the padded! Prices available through June 15th.

Monday, June 1, 2009

New Custom Booster Seat Covers!

You read correctly, we have added to our collection the new booster seat covers! These covers will fit most back-less booster seats but they are displayed in a Graco.

Add comfort and style to your booster seats with these custom made booster seat covers! Your not-so-little-anymore one will absolutely love this product, we ensured that the padding is nice, sift and push, over twice as thick as the original cover, perfect for those long trips!

They are available in all the fabrics we use for the other covers! And as a special offer for our readers, click here to save 30% off introductory price until June 15th. {You will only be able to get the special discount through the above link!}

Thanks so much for reading!

Time to SAVE! Customer Appreciation SALE!

Oh, you are going to be so impressed by these deals! If you are looking to save money in your baby boutique goodies, this is the time to buy! We are working with tons of awesome designers of handmade items on etsy to help you save and get what you want! {A.K.A. "need" lol}. We invite you to shop at Team EtsyBaby 2nd annual Customer Appreciation sale! Shops are offering sales {everyone's sale is different but I've seen 10% off to free shipping etc} We are offering rock bottom prices in our etsy items! You will find baby apparel, accessories, mommy items, bedding, gifts and more! So stop by, and shop these great summer deals!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Custom Baby and Toddler Bedding is Back!

We are back to our roots! Natitys Design started business as an online Baby Bedding Studio, we took a brief break from designing Baby Bedding to focus on our beautiful gear and accessories collections and now we are so glad to be able to offer more beautiful Boutique Bedding Pieces for your little ones!

Our boutique style baby and toddler bedding is made to order with your specifications, yes, it's all about YOU!
Select from one piece to basically the entire room! I'm also browsing on all my OKID designer boutiques for coordinating art and accessories where I'll have an "Inspiration" page for you to get some really great ideas.

All the bedding and decor pieces are available in our "custom studio" fabric collection but it is also possible to order them in the fabrics used for the rest of the items on the website!

Thanks so much for reading and have a lovely weekend! PS, we have 2 winners in last week's giveaways! Congrats ladies!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Don't you forget to enter in our giveaways!!

Hi all! First off, let me just wish you a very happy Memorial Day {even though a lot you will get this one day late!} We will spend the day just hanging out as my hubby Paul is stuck resting his ankle.

I wanted to give you all heads up on a couple of giveaways, one ends May 26Th and we are working with Barefoot Mommies, a totally free Custom CarSeat Cover {Infant or Toddler}, you need to hurry for that one!

The second one, is through Etsy It Up! and we are hosting a giveaway of a Stroller Liner there, it ends May 29Th so you have a few more days for that one.

This week, between all the madness, I had the opportunity to add 4 new products in our site, one is our Tattoo Pink Infant Car Seat Cover {these can also be made in the black version for boys or neutral}

A second great new item is to add to our Stroller Liner Collection, the Mod Purple Flower for those purple loving Divas like my mother in law:

Tooth Fairy Pillows are now in stock as well:

And last but not least, you can now purchase covers to fit the Britax Boulevard {TM} with lots more ease:

{By the way, this picture was taken by a customer! Thanks Sara!!}

Thanks so much for reading and have a lovely week!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Family Drama

Hi all! I don't know how much you know about me and Natitys but I thought I'd give you a little background to update you on a few things.

I'm a Navy wife, my hubby, Paul, has been int he Navy for 10 years now, our families are primarily in Orlando, FL, and we are stationed in Virginia at this moment, my husband is a Nuclear Reactor Tech {AKA NUKE} and has a supervisory position in his command.

Anyway, the reason I tell you this, is because his birthday was on the 13th, and it being the middle of the week and all, we decided to wait until Friday to celebrate his 30th birthday. Which, we did, but close to the end of the night, he was going down one step in our deck and stepped incorrectly, rolled over and fell ... it was funny at first, until he said he thought he broke his ankle, the fall was so small and so silly, I was having a hard time believing him, but we did immediately discover he had in fact broken his ankle.

I rushed him to the Hospital, some friends staid with the girls here at home, and at the Hospital he was told it was broken and had to be transferred to the Navy Hospital, 8 hrs later, we were back home from a very long night. He is going to need surgery which is scheduled for this week, and he will also need a lot of medical attention {well, maybe not a "LOT" but frequent Doctor's visits and then, physical therapy etc} so, where I'm getting at, is that it might take me a bit longer to get back to emails, to post things and to complete some projects.

I'm very thankful that his injury was here at home, and although serious, it's common and he will get better, I know he does not share the same luck with a lot of other Military members and I feel extremely lucky he's here and I can take care of him vs the line of fire, in a deployment or any other scenario.

Thanks so much for all the nice notes I've received from a lot of you and I will continue to work at Natitys as normally as possible :) xoxo

Friday, May 15, 2009

Blogging is Contagious

So, I don't blog a whole lot, I normally either sit here and let you know about new items or special offers, or take a few minutes to write something nice from the heart about a specific Holiday. Honestly, finding the time to "blog" can be a real hassle, I'm sure you know this.

Anyhow, I guess blogging can also be contagious, Natalie, my 7yr old, decided a long time ago that she wants to be many things when she grows up, you know, the usual: veterinarian, pop star ... but there are two new ones, that I think have been in development since k5, she is absolutely utterly in love with books, she prefers to snuggle on her bed with a good book before watching any TV show or movie. Well, she has decided to add a couple of things to her "grow up plans" and one of them is, being a librarian, so she can be close and have access to all the books in the world, and the other one is being a writer, she actually writes "books" {I buy her little notebooks and she writes stories with illustrations and everything in them}. So, I guess because she has seen me blog every now and then, now she has decided to blog herself. She started her own little blog, called Artsie's Adventures, so far, she has 6 readers {including myself, of course} so far, which is a lot more than I had in the same amount of time! She will be scanning some or her art and stories and feature them in her blog "for the world to see" especially this summer that she will have more time so, I invite you to join her, if you have the time, I'm sure your kids will also enjoy some of the funny stories and art work. All in a clean, fun and safe mode, of course!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Etsy Dallas Craft Show!!

If you're in the Dallas area, and love handmade, you simply cannot miss this event. I know you've heard about Etsy, if you haven't, I suggest you check the site out, it's insanely cool.

The Spring Bash Craft show will be held this Saturday, May 15th at Southside on Lamar in Dallas. Over 50 etsy artists will be participating in this event, you will enjoy Music, free crafts and activities, they will be holding a raffle and lots more! This is a great way to shop for the upcoming Graduation and School year end season, Bridal Showers, House warming, Baby preparing and lots more! Oh and one last thing, they will be offering free goody bags to the first 50 shoppers!! So go in, shop, get inspired and then tell me all about it since I'm too far! If you want to know more about the event, visit their website and if you are a crafter and would like to know more about this awesome team, visit their website at

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We are Hosting a Giveaway!!!

I've been working with the amazing Angela and Krissy from one of the leading Mommy Blogs called Barefoot Mommies to offer you one of the coolest giveaways I've hosted in a very long time! We have been going back and forth with emails getting this together and along all the rambling we have also learned a lot about each other including the fact that we are all Military wives {yeah!}. They have been so kind to me and just wrote the coolest article about the giveaway, you can read all the instructions here. We are giving away a Car Seat Cover, your choice either an Infant one or a Toddler one. Don't miss this chance!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

20% Off coupon

How about a coupon? 20% off your entire order through 6/30th. Use coupon code "LOSC" when you check out. Available to subscribers and readers!