Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year Resolutions and SALE

Oh my! Happy 2009!! How was your Holiday Vacation? GREAT I hope. I'm going to quickly cross my fingers, close my eyes and say a little wish prayer for you to have an awesome 2009, filled with health, joy and opportunities. We ended up going to GA to my brother's house, boy, it's been such a long time since we are all able to spend the Holidays together, I'm one of 4 siblings, I'm in VA, Mickey, my brother, lives in GA with my Sister in Law, niece and nephew, then my younger brother, Carlos, moved to Chicago this past summer with his wife, and my baby sister who lives in Orlando with my parents. So, we're spread all over the place. It was a surprise for my parents that we would ALL be there, it was so much fun. The best gift of all, really.

I'm taking a minute of your time to let you know we've re-opened after the Holidays. With new sales on our website on the Nursing Covers {10% off} for those new mommies, and those of you who made the "better healthy choices" as a new year's resolution, nothing more healthy that breastfeeding your baby.

My Face Dollies has re-opened after the Holidays as well, these dollies are just SO adorable, let me tell you something about the dolls, we bought my daughters those very expensive "look like you" dolls that are similar to porcelain {you know which ones I mean} and had to stuck them in a plastic bin and take them to the attic yesterday, after the expense, my daughters are scared of them, I don't blame them because I was always afraid of those type of dolls growing up so I know the feeling, in the mean time, they sleep every night with their soft, look alike My Face Dollies, how about that? These dolls are just SUCH a great gift idea, and we now have a link for you to share pictures of your little ones and your dolls, if you share the pics, then you're entered to win My Face Dollies Accessories Vouchers every month.

Another site that's up and running {although we're still working on adding products} is Thrifty Graphics, where we create ready-made, and custom made graphics for your websites, offer photo editing services, artistic photo effects, photo shoots for your products, web illustrations and more. All at GREAT prices. If you like our blog look and our website, then you need to check us out at Thrifty Graphics!

And last but not least, I have a TON of things on SALE at Etsy. Including fabrics {this is one of my New Year's resolutions} at prices under cost, some Clearance Nursing Covers and other GREAT deals, so, don't miss it out, I don't have a set time this sale will end so, without notice, we might take it all out again.

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