Sunday, January 18, 2009

MLK Day Celebration and new products...

As you possibly know already, living in this country for me has been opening myself to a new History Book, MLK Day celebration is one of those Holidays that I normally miss talking about on my blog, normally, I'm catching up on orders, have the kids home with the sniffles and it just escapes from me to write something about it. But this year, yes, I am catching up on orders, and both kids have the sniffles, but, here I am, writing you as every week! It really is no surprise why this day is honored, and all the doors this person opened to all Americans really, but I found something peculiar on wikepedia, for intance, did you know that they also observe MLK day in the historic city of Hiroshima, Japan? MLK was not only an American hero, but his civil rights movement touched the hearts of many, many people all over the world.

We are not going to be making a "special sale" this week to celebrate MLK Day per say, but I do have some new items at spectacular and one could say, sale, prices on our Etsy Shop Lollipop Designs. Some of the new items are Baby and Toddler Blankets, made with beautiful, designer cotton fabrics and backed with minky and chenille, just adorable, and the prices are a steal!

On another note, we have some new additions to our My face Dollies patch, meet Mary, Emma, Emily, Mia and Imani, all new "adoptable" dollies from My Face Dollies, a lot of these dolls are OOAK and we do not offer the fabric options in our boutique, they also come with adorable accessories!!

And, last but not least, you simply must check out my Mom's new handbags, I have my eye on this one so please don't buy it! lol, but I have to collect more "good daughter points" to get it. But in all seriousness, Mom's bags are just awesome, and I'm not even exaggerating, the uses awesome fabrics inside and out, most of hem are OOAK, she obsesses over the materials she uses, all the terminations, all these bags will last you for such a long time! Check them out, she has fabulous fabrics!

As always, thanks so much for reading, I hope you all have a fantastic week!

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