Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Break Closing Sale

Phew, I've been so busy I still don't have this "set in stone". I have so much going on I don't really know if I will really be able to CLOSE for Spring Break. But so far, that is the plan, I am heading down to FL where most of our families are {all the grand-parents at least}. But this has a long chain-reaction of all kinds of complications like the weather on the road, my older dog Precious who cannot stay by herself all day while Paul {hubby} is at the ship, our younger dog Nala who will be heart broken if I go and take Precious and not her, driving a Jeep on a 12hr trip {if I'm lucky} with 2 kids and 2 large dogs... this makes me tired just thinking about it! Sooo, we'll see! The bad news, you might experience a bit of a longer wait to receive your goodies, the good news, you will be able to enjoy 15% off ALL items in the store. No matter how much you buy, 15% off ALL. From 4/1 to 4/16 it's all on sale.

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