Thursday, May 28, 2009

Custom Baby and Toddler Bedding is Back!

We are back to our roots! Natitys Design started business as an online Baby Bedding Studio, we took a brief break from designing Baby Bedding to focus on our beautiful gear and accessories collections and now we are so glad to be able to offer more beautiful Boutique Bedding Pieces for your little ones!

Our boutique style baby and toddler bedding is made to order with your specifications, yes, it's all about YOU!
Select from one piece to basically the entire room! I'm also browsing on all my OKID designer boutiques for coordinating art and accessories where I'll have an "Inspiration" page for you to get some really great ideas.

All the bedding and decor pieces are available in our "custom studio" fabric collection but it is also possible to order them in the fabrics used for the rest of the items on the website!

Thanks so much for reading and have a lovely weekend! PS, we have 2 winners in last week's giveaways! Congrats ladies!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Don't you forget to enter in our giveaways!!

Hi all! First off, let me just wish you a very happy Memorial Day {even though a lot you will get this one day late!} We will spend the day just hanging out as my hubby Paul is stuck resting his ankle.

I wanted to give you all heads up on a couple of giveaways, one ends May 26Th and we are working with Barefoot Mommies, a totally free Custom CarSeat Cover {Infant or Toddler}, you need to hurry for that one!

The second one, is through Etsy It Up! and we are hosting a giveaway of a Stroller Liner there, it ends May 29Th so you have a few more days for that one.

This week, between all the madness, I had the opportunity to add 4 new products in our site, one is our Tattoo Pink Infant Car Seat Cover {these can also be made in the black version for boys or neutral}

A second great new item is to add to our Stroller Liner Collection, the Mod Purple Flower for those purple loving Divas like my mother in law:

Tooth Fairy Pillows are now in stock as well:

And last but not least, you can now purchase covers to fit the Britax Boulevard {TM} with lots more ease:

{By the way, this picture was taken by a customer! Thanks Sara!!}

Thanks so much for reading and have a lovely week!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Family Drama

Hi all! I don't know how much you know about me and Natitys but I thought I'd give you a little background to update you on a few things.

I'm a Navy wife, my hubby, Paul, has been int he Navy for 10 years now, our families are primarily in Orlando, FL, and we are stationed in Virginia at this moment, my husband is a Nuclear Reactor Tech {AKA NUKE} and has a supervisory position in his command.

Anyway, the reason I tell you this, is because his birthday was on the 13th, and it being the middle of the week and all, we decided to wait until Friday to celebrate his 30th birthday. Which, we did, but close to the end of the night, he was going down one step in our deck and stepped incorrectly, rolled over and fell ... it was funny at first, until he said he thought he broke his ankle, the fall was so small and so silly, I was having a hard time believing him, but we did immediately discover he had in fact broken his ankle.

I rushed him to the Hospital, some friends staid with the girls here at home, and at the Hospital he was told it was broken and had to be transferred to the Navy Hospital, 8 hrs later, we were back home from a very long night. He is going to need surgery which is scheduled for this week, and he will also need a lot of medical attention {well, maybe not a "LOT" but frequent Doctor's visits and then, physical therapy etc} so, where I'm getting at, is that it might take me a bit longer to get back to emails, to post things and to complete some projects.

I'm very thankful that his injury was here at home, and although serious, it's common and he will get better, I know he does not share the same luck with a lot of other Military members and I feel extremely lucky he's here and I can take care of him vs the line of fire, in a deployment or any other scenario.

Thanks so much for all the nice notes I've received from a lot of you and I will continue to work at Natitys as normally as possible :) xoxo

Friday, May 15, 2009

Blogging is Contagious

So, I don't blog a whole lot, I normally either sit here and let you know about new items or special offers, or take a few minutes to write something nice from the heart about a specific Holiday. Honestly, finding the time to "blog" can be a real hassle, I'm sure you know this.

Anyhow, I guess blogging can also be contagious, Natalie, my 7yr old, decided a long time ago that she wants to be many things when she grows up, you know, the usual: veterinarian, pop star ... but there are two new ones, that I think have been in development since k5, she is absolutely utterly in love with books, she prefers to snuggle on her bed with a good book before watching any TV show or movie. Well, she has decided to add a couple of things to her "grow up plans" and one of them is, being a librarian, so she can be close and have access to all the books in the world, and the other one is being a writer, she actually writes "books" {I buy her little notebooks and she writes stories with illustrations and everything in them}. So, I guess because she has seen me blog every now and then, now she has decided to blog herself. She started her own little blog, called Artsie's Adventures, so far, she has 6 readers {including myself, of course} so far, which is a lot more than I had in the same amount of time! She will be scanning some or her art and stories and feature them in her blog "for the world to see" especially this summer that she will have more time so, I invite you to join her, if you have the time, I'm sure your kids will also enjoy some of the funny stories and art work. All in a clean, fun and safe mode, of course!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Etsy Dallas Craft Show!!

If you're in the Dallas area, and love handmade, you simply cannot miss this event. I know you've heard about Etsy, if you haven't, I suggest you check the site out, it's insanely cool.

The Spring Bash Craft show will be held this Saturday, May 15th at Southside on Lamar in Dallas. Over 50 etsy artists will be participating in this event, you will enjoy Music, free crafts and activities, they will be holding a raffle and lots more! This is a great way to shop for the upcoming Graduation and School year end season, Bridal Showers, House warming, Baby preparing and lots more! Oh and one last thing, they will be offering free goody bags to the first 50 shoppers!! So go in, shop, get inspired and then tell me all about it since I'm too far! If you want to know more about the event, visit their website and if you are a crafter and would like to know more about this awesome team, visit their website at

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We are Hosting a Giveaway!!!

I've been working with the amazing Angela and Krissy from one of the leading Mommy Blogs called Barefoot Mommies to offer you one of the coolest giveaways I've hosted in a very long time! We have been going back and forth with emails getting this together and along all the rambling we have also learned a lot about each other including the fact that we are all Military wives {yeah!}. They have been so kind to me and just wrote the coolest article about the giveaway, you can read all the instructions here. We are giving away a Car Seat Cover, your choice either an Infant one or a Toddler one. Don't miss this chance!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

20% Off coupon

How about a coupon? 20% off your entire order through 6/30th. Use coupon code "LOSC" when you check out. Available to subscribers and readers!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

"Mommy"... we use this name so much in our lives that we tend to forget the real meaning of this very casual, simple word. Where to start? I'm sure everyone has a very different view on what their mother means to them. In my case, it really took the experience of being a mother myself to understand my own Mom. When I was younger, Mom was just that... Mom. The person who took care of me, bought me stuff, and the one I had to ask for permission to. Then, as the teenage years kicked in, you can add "arch enemy" to the list. When I became an adult, Mom was the same, except I didn't have to ask for permission to anymore. Don't get me wrong, the love for my Mom was and has always been there, I think that the sympathy was not... yes, that's what it was.

When I became pregnant for the first time, I found myself calling my Mom almost on a daily basis, she was like my "Mayo Clinic Book" ... she always had the answer to everything, I didn't know that! how awesome was that? When Natalie came to this world for the first time, it was like a light bulb that suddenly turned on, it was all crystal clear to me now! THAT's what a Mother is! Aha!!

For starters, OUCH, giving birth, really DOES hurt ... no, not "I imagine it hurts" or "it's like stretching your lower lip and putting it over your head pain" type of way... who can imagine that anyways? {has anyone ever done that? really? } NOOO, this was "oh my GOSH, I'm going to die if this does not stop right now" sort of pain. And die not as in in these shoes don't match my outfit sort of way, but as NO LONGER LIVING sort of way!! And even if you had an epidural {which I did, only took on my right leg, long story} the 6 weeks after that are no picnic ... and don't even get me started on a C-Section {had one with Claire, no fun either}.

As if the pain of child birth was not enough, the total and absolute stress of taking care of an infant and being responsible for their LIFE was more than enough to completely, 100% convince me that all these years I've taken my Mother for granted she has absolutely and unconditionally loved me like she has never loved anything else before ... well, with the exception of my siblings of course {but she likes me the bestest, I just know it}.

Today, being the mother of 2, there is no question in my mind that, after all these years, after this entire lifetime and all the ups and downs of childhood and growing up, Mom really was always right! Even when it didn't feel like it to me ... she truly was! Because she has always put my best interest first, in spite of myself, her heart has always been in the right place... and as I prepare myself to experience the headaches of my kid's choices and all the stuff I put her through, that like a boomerang, will come back to me; the person I am today, I can credit to my children {and my husband but don't tell him that, his head will swell} ... and of course, my Mom.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you! xoxo

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring Craft Show Pictures

So, I finally got a chance to download the pics of the Langley Spring Bazaar that we attended this past weekend {May 1st and May 2nd}. We did have loads of fun, met some really great people and overall, had a blast selling and shopping {but shh, don't tell my hubby the shopping part lol}. Because I was lucky enough to have Mom in town {she leaves today sniff sniff} I decided to take more than what I would normally take if it was just me, and once we got there, more good news, our booth was extended about 5 more feet, so, it ended up being a little bit empty! lol.

Hot sellers, were my Mom's new Clutches {bottom right hand side of the pic, will be available in the next few days on our website} the Stroller Liners almost sold out and the Aprons did also great. The Ladies sizes are up, kid's will be by this weekend and they are all at fabulous prices, ready to ship, great for Mother's Day!

Claire and Natalie were my biggest helpers, they gave away flyer's, lollipops, even sold with me! What a lucky gal I was this weekend!

If you are in the area, there are a few other craft shows we will be attending, please contact me directly for details :)