Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Etsy Dallas Craft Show!!

If you're in the Dallas area, and love handmade, you simply cannot miss this event. I know you've heard about Etsy, if you haven't, I suggest you check the site out, it's insanely cool.

The Spring Bash Craft show will be held this Saturday, May 15th at Southside on Lamar in Dallas. Over 50 etsy artists will be participating in this event, you will enjoy Music, free crafts and activities, they will be holding a raffle and lots more! This is a great way to shop for the upcoming Graduation and School year end season, Bridal Showers, House warming, Baby preparing and lots more! Oh and one last thing, they will be offering free goody bags to the first 50 shoppers!! So go in, shop, get inspired and then tell me all about it since I'm too far! If you want to know more about the event, visit their website and if you are a crafter and would like to know more about this awesome team, visit their website at


Dallas Designing-Diva said...

Thx so much for sharing the ED Spring Bash with your readers!

Eloisa said...

Oh no problem! I hope you all have a GREAT time!!