Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

"Mommy"... we use this name so much in our lives that we tend to forget the real meaning of this very casual, simple word. Where to start? I'm sure everyone has a very different view on what their mother means to them. In my case, it really took the experience of being a mother myself to understand my own Mom. When I was younger, Mom was just that... Mom. The person who took care of me, bought me stuff, and the one I had to ask for permission to. Then, as the teenage years kicked in, you can add "arch enemy" to the list. When I became an adult, Mom was the same, except I didn't have to ask for permission to anymore. Don't get me wrong, the love for my Mom was and has always been there, I think that the sympathy was not... yes, that's what it was.

When I became pregnant for the first time, I found myself calling my Mom almost on a daily basis, she was like my "Mayo Clinic Book" ... she always had the answer to everything, I didn't know that! how awesome was that? When Natalie came to this world for the first time, it was like a light bulb that suddenly turned on, it was all crystal clear to me now! THAT's what a Mother is! Aha!!

For starters, OUCH, giving birth, really DOES hurt ... no, not "I imagine it hurts" or "it's like stretching your lower lip and putting it over your head pain" type of way... who can imagine that anyways? {has anyone ever done that? really? } NOOO, this was "oh my GOSH, I'm going to die if this does not stop right now" sort of pain. And die not as in in these shoes don't match my outfit sort of way, but as NO LONGER LIVING sort of way!! And even if you had an epidural {which I did, only took on my right leg, long story} the 6 weeks after that are no picnic ... and don't even get me started on a C-Section {had one with Claire, no fun either}.

As if the pain of child birth was not enough, the total and absolute stress of taking care of an infant and being responsible for their LIFE was more than enough to completely, 100% convince me that all these years I've taken my Mother for granted she has absolutely and unconditionally loved me like she has never loved anything else before ... well, with the exception of my siblings of course {but she likes me the bestest, I just know it}.

Today, being the mother of 2, there is no question in my mind that, after all these years, after this entire lifetime and all the ups and downs of childhood and growing up, Mom really was always right! Even when it didn't feel like it to me ... she truly was! Because she has always put my best interest first, in spite of myself, her heart has always been in the right place... and as I prepare myself to experience the headaches of my kid's choices and all the stuff I put her through, that like a boomerang, will come back to me; the person I am today, I can credit to my children {and my husband but don't tell him that, his head will swell} ... and of course, my Mom.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you! xoxo

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