Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer News and Sale!

Hi all! I hope everyone is having a great summer vacation! So far, I have been really busy, unfortunately, the kids, are bored out of their minds. We had all these plans for the summer that have now gone down the drain since my husband's injury. So, since going out of town is probably out of the question {we'll know a bit more once his cast comes off next month but so far, we stay put} we decided to "redo" Natalie's room, and for Claire, since she just got a new room makeover a few months ago, we will be working on school stuff. Natalie went back and fourth on what kind of decor she wanted, this was very painful. So, the new plan, is to decorate the room with everything she likes, "Natalie's world" per say {lol} and we are starting with her bedding, after looking at about 50 bedding sets online {I know, I know, what am I doing looking at that stuff online if I can make it for her, read the rest of the story} she decides she wants ME to make her one, with "cool fabrics" ... well, after looking at HUNDREDS of "cool fabrics", we decided to go with a quilt, nothing very fancy, just a regular patchwork quilt with cute fabrics. OK, went through my fabrics, found quite a few we could use, narrowed it down to around 11 prints ... started cutting, and then it hit me, Natalie can sew straight lines! So, she did, I had her put together the pieces in rows, and then I sewed all the rows together... over 200 pieces of fabrics and about 4 hours later, we had the top of her quilt! Tomorrow, after all my "work projects" we will be working on the batting and the backing. I'm so proud of her, I think this is going to be a great and inexpensive way for us to spend our time this summer, at least for a few weeks! lol

Now for the sale, if you did not know, there us a coupon currently for all my readers, good until the end of next month, 20% off your entire purchase, use code LESC when you check out, and if you are purchasing multiple items, we are offering a "multiple order discount" {up to 30% off on select items} click here for details. In addition to these, we have added to our site once again our great diaper clutches, perfect for the summer! The regular price is a steal $16.99, but this week you can purchase them for $14.99. Sale ends July 5th.

I will continue to add pictures of the projects for Natalie's bedroom as we go and thanks so much for reading!

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