Friday, July 24, 2009

Boutique Custom Nap Mats are in!

Just in time for Back to School season! With so many uses, Nap Mats are a must have accessory to have for any child. Use them for sleep overs, child care, school and more!

  • Will fit over KinderMat {tm} nap mats: measuring about 22" x 47" with enough room to slide the mat inside.
  • Fully padded and lined: to add comfort and stable construction for your child.
  • Velcro {tm} closures: Easy open and close for better cleaning, all you do is slip the mat on and off through the velcro {tm} closures for washing.
  • Easy carrying design: they have 2 handles for your little one to carry as a suitcase, and also 2 tie around straps with velcro {tm} closures so your little one can easily open and close it plus light, compact design.
  • Choose from any of our fabric combination, first fabric for the cover and second fabric for the handles and ties. {Minky fabric cannot be used for the straps and handles}
  • Choose to purchase the cover only or the cover and the KinderMat {tm} together. {We carry the "Earth Friendly" KinderMat tm design}

Friday, July 10, 2009

CPSIA Awareness goes to Hollywood!

We are really exited to share with you the following information:

Oviedo, FL (June 2009) - Style Cafe Moms, an online leader in celebrity gifting, announces the presentation of a CPSIA Awareness Basket to Angelina Jolie, Tori Spelling and Julia Roberts.
Style Café Moms has put together these baskets with help from our clients, most of whom are work at home moms and all of whom will be affected by the CPSIA Law. This law, although originated to protect our children, is creating financial devastation (and even bankruptcy) to businesses whose products pose no threat to children and never have. The law is written very poorly. It’s too vague, too broad, and too retroactive-so come 2/10 it is unlawful for retailers to have inventory on their shelves that they can’t provide certificates for, causing them thousands of dollars in lost inventory that the day before was legal to sell (T-shirts, onesies, hairclips, socks, baby slings, etc.) Everything you can think of that you and your children enjoy, potentially will no longer be available, unless each product is lead tested by a third party lab approved by CPSC. Not such a big dea l you think, each test is an excess of $300+. And the test must be done for every production run, color variation, and repeated again on the same product when produced again costing businesses thousands of dollars, when the product may only take them a few hundred dollars a year itself. Fortunately this law has been stayed for one year and does not pose an immediate threat to these businesses but in a year we are hoping that a few celebrities can lend their voice or even just a letter to let congress know that such a law would put many work at home mothers out of business and stop the development of great products such as the ones included in this gift basket. We do hope you review the basket contents and would love to hear from you regarding any feedback you may have about the enclosed products. We strongly support the work at home mom community & we feel their products should be recognized to encourage their growth.
Style Café Moms is well known for delivering delicious gift baskets to celebrities as well as offering public relations services for women-owned businesses, including product placement, business promotion, brand awareness and general marketing.
Launched in 2007, Style Café Moms has grown to send approximately six gift baskets per month to celebrity recipients, helping propel the exposure of many small product developers and vendors who otherwise had limited outreach for marketing.
The CPSIA Awareness Baskets included sought after new products from the following businesses and up and coming designers:
Curious Workmanship: Designs and makes hand-crocheted items of quality and distinction for kitchen, bath, and baby.
Natity’s Design : Custom-made infant car seat covers, toddler seat covers, nursing covers, stroller liners and shopping cart covers.
Curly Q Cuties: Use our interactive monster maker to quickly create your own unique stuffed monster.
Twinkling Tees : Trendy clothing for babies, girls, women, boys, and even moms-to-be.
Quiqlite, Inc.: The world’s only hands free 100% concealed light source for your uniform shirt pocket.
Kota Couture: Cool clothing and accessories for kids and infants
Cutzie Patutzie Shoppe: Tutus, dresses, bows, headbands, and custom clothing
Baby Hipwear: BabyHipWear is the only clothing company in the wo rld that caters to the needs of children with hip dysplasia. They provide clothing options for the 'hip' kids that have to wear casts, harnesses and braces 24/7 for months at a time to correct the condition.
Memento: personalized gifts and custom embroidery for gifts such as clothing, bags, aprons, and blankets
Lucky Gabi: Tutus and girls clothing
Gocks Frocks: Custom handmade clothing and20accessories for kids, mom, and home.
Menacing Pickle: custom made jackets for kids that want to stand out from their friends
Monkey Baby Clothes: "Fun Fashion" for boys and girls that make them feel special, comfortable and inspired by all life has to offer them
Hipee Baby: Some of the most unique gifts out there, including diaper cakes and tie-dyed onesies.
Crafty Baby: We specialize in unique, handcrafted items for babies, toddlers and children. Great for baby showers, birthdays, nap time, or play time.
Cuckoo Boo: One of a kind handmade children’s apparel, hair accessories, badge clips, pacifier clips, magnets, and crayon rolls.
Rejoice! Body Care: Handmade, all natural home, body, and spa products
Baby Cheeks (The Trendy Tot): One-of-a-kind, hip clothing for your little one that you won't find in malls or superstores
Star Bright Baby: We make Teething Giraffes using 100% pre-washed cotton and they are stuffed using Eco-friendly Fiberfill. The stuffing is 100% renewable and plant-based, as well as hypo-allergenic.
Style Cafe Moms strives to deliver unique and creative marketing venues which have allowed businesses to receive extraordinary product distribution, publicity and media buzz. Product submissions are accepted throughout the year for celebrity basket inclusion, and interested businesses are encouraged to visit the website at for more information. As well, everyone is invited to join the Style Cafe Moms community and delve into the celebrity, fashion and business information that is available.

Friday, July 3, 2009

We are hosting a Giveaway!

Happy 4th of July! Ahh, the birthday of this great nation! What will you be doing this Holiday? We are staying low-key, can't do much with a man in a cast on his leg, but we will probably have friends over and sparkles, not too sure.

Here at Natitys, we have teamed up with our friends from A Giveaway Everyday Blog to host our LAST giveaway this summer so don't miss your chance to win a Custom Stroller liner! Know all the details by clicking here.

Whatever you do, and wherever you are, I hope you have a safe and memorable 4th of July, we have so many things to celebrate as a Nation!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New fabrics are in!!

New fabrics are in! And there's more coming soon! From Vintage Inspired fabrics to lots of animal prints, you will love these new ones!! As we did for our older versions, we have teamed them up with coordinating prints and minky for your convenience. Come take a look at our new fabrics in our Fabric Collections page!

First Row: Amelie White, Hot Pink Minky, Black Minky, Light Pink Minky, Aqua Minky
Second Row: Amelie Black, Amelie Grey, Olive Minky, Black-Grey Dots, Pink Dots

First Row: Animal Zoo Pink, Hot Pink Minky, Red Minky, Light pink minky, orange minky.
Second Row: Animal Zoo Blue, Olive minky, Blue Minky, Celery Dots, Pink Dots

First Row: Feeling Groovy Purple, Brown Minky, Purple MInky, Aqua Minky
Second Row: Feeling Groovy Aqua, Olive Minky, Navy Minky, Celery Dots, Groovy Guitars

First Row: Juicy Jungle, Hot Pink Minky, Purple Minky, Light Pink Minky, Pink Dots
Second Row: Juicy Jungle Blue, Olive Minky, Blue MInky, Celery Dots

First Row: Spotted Owls Green, Hot Pink Minky, Black Minky, Pink Minky, Aqua Minky, Orange Minky.
Second Row: Spotted Owls Blue, Spotted Owls Cream, Olive Minky, Brown Minky, Black-Grey Dots, Pink Dots

First Row: Funky Owls, Hot Pink Minky, Orange Minky, Black Minky, Aqua Minky
Second Row: Woodland, Purple Minky, Olive Minky, Aqua White Dots

First Row: Zoology Black, Black-Grey Dots, Orange MInky, Black Minky, Olive Minky
Second Row: Zoology Brown, Aqua Minky, Celery Dots, Aqua White Dots, Brown Minky.