Friday, July 24, 2009

Boutique Custom Nap Mats are in!

Just in time for Back to School season! With so many uses, Nap Mats are a must have accessory to have for any child. Use them for sleep overs, child care, school and more!

  • Will fit over KinderMat {tm} nap mats: measuring about 22" x 47" with enough room to slide the mat inside.
  • Fully padded and lined: to add comfort and stable construction for your child.
  • Velcro {tm} closures: Easy open and close for better cleaning, all you do is slip the mat on and off through the velcro {tm} closures for washing.
  • Easy carrying design: they have 2 handles for your little one to carry as a suitcase, and also 2 tie around straps with velcro {tm} closures so your little one can easily open and close it plus light, compact design.
  • Choose from any of our fabric combination, first fabric for the cover and second fabric for the handles and ties. {Minky fabric cannot be used for the straps and handles}
  • Choose to purchase the cover only or the cover and the KinderMat {tm} together. {We carry the "Earth Friendly" KinderMat tm design}

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