Friday, September 4, 2009

We're Back!

Hi everyone! After a desperately needed vacation, I am happy to say we are back! Our shop is no open as usual and you can come in and get your goodies :)
We had a great time in our vacation, we went to Florida to my Parent's house, did the Disney thing, shopping and the best part, we celebrated Natalie's 8th Birthday Party there! I have some ideas to share with you!
Natalie is REALLY into books, one of her favorite collections is The English Roses by Madonna. She requested her Birthday party to be themed by the books. I looked online, almost restlessly for ideas, favors, anything that was Th English Roses related, and, not to under credit the retailers, but the only things I found were a hand full of over-priced clothes.
So, I had to get a bit creative, maybe not make the party about the characters per say, but about the roses and the colors. There were many things I wish I had more time to work on and made differently, but the party turned out gorgeous.
For example, I'm lucky enough to have Cake Makers in my family {MY Mom, and my Aunt} and together they made the beautiful cake, with polka dots and a bow. To make it fit better with the theme, I used this BEYOND Gorgeous Birthday Bird I bought from The Sugar Elf {talk about amazing, this birde is just amazing} and I also added some fabric mini roses I bought at the craft store, just placed them around the cake plate. We also had Cupcakes that were decorated in pink and green, it tied the whole thing together and it looked great.
The Pinata we bought from the local Party Store, it was an IceCream cone, they also have pinatas that you can decorate yourselves, if I had the time {I was totally out of time}, I would have used one of those and painted a rose to stick to the portion where you glue in your own image.
Do you see the breth-taking Gazebo? That's the gazebo my Dad built with very little help in his back yard, he totally designed it. built it, painted it... it is AMAZING, well, In addition to balloons, I bought some innexpensive lanterns in pastel colors, you can get them at your local box store or your local party store. You can add flare to them with ribbon on the top or you can get really creative and glue flowers or applique to them! I also found, inexpensive as well, honeycomb decorations, the ones I got where white balls, also can be decorated with ribbon.
Goodie bags were just the plain, clear ones you buy anywhere, and this is why, I have spent SO much money on goodie bags before, I even hand made and had sewn some felt ones one year {they are the reason the words "Goodie Bags" are no longer allowed in my house} and they always end up in the trash, so, what's the point? Anyways, clear bags, lots of candy, some fake jewelry and innexpnsive toys, and they were all happy.
For the prizes {when the kids play pin the tail on the donkey... or pin th dot on the ladybug in our case, another party store find} we gave the boys some really cool wallets my Mom makes and sells at her shop, and for the girls, I ordered from my good friend Tammy at XOXOTOVA these gorgeous Fall Doll Clips I had a horrible time giving away because I wanted to keep them all {LOL}.
And for the girl's outfits, they wanted to wear T-shirts and jeans, so I purchased white T-shirts from the box store, and hand painted them myself, after painting them, we "bedazzled" them as well, turned out pretty cool. And Tammy made {exclusively for my girls, but I know if you ask her, she will sell you some} the beautiful hair bands, they fit perfectly with the theme and the outfits!
I hope these ideas are useful for you! Thanks everyone for reading! Now I'm off to work!

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