Monday, November 9, 2009

Where have you been?

**Sight** where did I go, you ask? I have been nowhere, I have been here, working, on many, many things. October was a bit of a crazy month for us, you see, Claire's birthday is on the 30th, and we always make a Halloween birthday party, maybe one day she will get tired of it like I've heard people say, but so far, this is what she wants. This meant that not only did I have to organize a party here, I also had to make costumes for the girls. Natalie went through several ideas, this was extremely frustrating, from Punky Brewster {I let her watch the episodes on YouTube, along with other oldies like Alf, Rainbow Brite and Jem} to Coraline, to Silvermist, from the Tinkerbell movie. This last one, she kept. Claire on the other hand, was very simple, she said she wanted to be a witch from day one, and this is what she stuck with, she was SO excited to be a witch. If you're interested, I'll add a few links at the end with info on where I got all the "ingredients" for their outfits. I'll tell you right now, Etsy was my number one source. So, we had the party, over 30 kids came, then trick or treat, well, you get the idea, my whole month revolved around this one day, so, that's where I've been :) Here is a cute picture of the two cuties:

Witch Hat {MommasInsanity} Witch Socks {Mommarunswithsissors} Witch Outfit {Fabrics from Hancock Fabrics} Fairy Tiara {Joann}Fairy Dress {fabrics and trims from Hancock Fabrics} Wings {Walgreens} Makeup {PinkQuartzMinerals} and both pair of shoes from Payless Shoes the Halloween Bag Claire is using was purchased years ago at Bath and Body Works.

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