Sunday, December 6, 2009

Blythe Inspired Cloth Dolls are in!

OK, so I've been drooling around for ages over the Blythe dolls, and I know I'm just one of thousands! I asked Santa for one this year, we will see if I've been naughty or nice on the 25th LOL. Anyway, Therese and I were brainstorming the other day, we have all these plans for our new dolls, and, basically to please me, she made these gorgeous Blythe Doll inspired faces. These dolls are of course hand crafted and are not Blythe dolls, they are inspired by the adorable collector Blythe doll. They feature lots of details including removable skirts and shoes, you will love these dolls! I'm having a hard time parting from them as it is, because these are ready-made dolls, they are ready to ship, so if you order before the 17th {in the US} you can probably get them on time for the Holidays. You have 2 to chose from, Blonde Fashionista and Funky Pink.

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