Monday, May 31, 2010

The Art of Sewing

I've been "crafting" for as long as I can remember, Mom has always been one to encourage the "DIY" attitude and I think it's always something that pays off, weather it's a small project you are working on or something larger than life, whenever you create something yourself, you get the sense of accomplishment that I think every person needs to have one way or another.
Being a Military wife, I've grown accustomed to working with what I get, weather it's a small room at my parents for a few months while Paul is over seas and all my stuff is on a PODS somewhere, base housing, a rental home, tiny apartment, our own house, well, you get the idea. After all these years having my own business, sometimes I wonder how this has survived in such crazy circumstances, I don't have the ability to rent a studio, I'm temporary everywhere I go! So, from dining rooms, to spare rooms, to breakfast nooks, even walk in closet once, I've sewn everywhere! So, what I'm about to share with you is a particular milestone for me and for Natitys all together, it's not the most important one, and there will be much more significant ones in the near future when hubby separates from the Navy and we can finally settle somewhere, but after all these years, I finally got a HUGE area to work on!
I have officially moved to the downstairs of our current home, I have about 800sf of working space, all for myself! WITH a bathroom! whohoo!
Paul got serious brownie points because this used to be his "man cave", and one day, he said "you know, I think you need more room" and here we are!
Anyway, long story short, this is not my "Dream sewing room" and it is not a permanent set up as we will me moving sometime next year, but, this is an awesome milestone for now!
I thought I'd share with you so you can see where your goodies come from:

Also, since I mentioned the "DIY" attitude, I know a lot of you have been asking if I offer patterns of the items we sell, the answer was no, but we are now changing that. After a few months on trial on etsy, I'm confident that the patterns are going to be a great item to have and offer at Natitys, so, as of this month, Natitys is now offering PDF Downloadable patterns! We are kicking off with the Infant Covers and the Backless Booster covers patterns, they all come with instructions and tips, to ensure you get a fabulous outcome! So, come and check them out here.

Thanks again for reading!

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