Friday, December 2, 2011

If you haven't heard ...

Sorry I haven't been on for a while! If you haven't seen it, we have a Facebook Page and this is where a lot of the info is being posted now! So, if you have not "Liked" us in the past, here's the link so you do: Natitys Design Facebook Page
Anyway, I wanted to let you know about a giveaway we are having, we will be having a giveaway every week before Christmas! We are starting off with an adorable Baby Owl Ornament, here's the link for entry!
Hope to see you there!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Infant Car Seat Cover Pattern

Hi All!
I've received an uncommonly amount of emails regarding the printing process of the infant car seat cover pattern, so I will discuss them here for a bit, then to the drawing board to see if I can come up with why this is all of the suddenly happening, but here are the most common issues:
  1. "My pattern printed size is not the same as what you have written down in the instructions page" The most common issue when this happens is the printer settings, because there is such a wide-range of programs, systems and printers, I cannot go over them with you step by step, but what I can tell you is to check your printer settings, they should be "true size" and not adjusted in any shape or form, sometimes the print defaults into "scale to fit media" and this will steal a little bit off the printed size vs the size it should print.
  2. "It printed about 1" smaller than what your specifications say" this normally happens when the printing is set as mentioned above {"scale to fit media"}. The good news is that the pattern is designed as a "wrap around" and it already does have about 1" you can "play with". I tried to give you some wiggle room there. So, if this happens, all you have to do is make sure the harness slots are aligned with the car seat and not off because of the printing size. To do this you can just compare it with your original cover or the car seat itself.
  3. "One of the pieces is printing out smaller than the rest" this is a totally new one for me, but I've noticed a trend of this happening especially in one particular piece, if this happens, just compare what your measurements should be and adjust the part to those measurements, this picture was sent by a customer, so thank you all for your support and willingness to provide images!<span class=
  4. "Will this cover fit the Graco SafeSeat and other variations of the Snugride like the 32?" The short answer to this question is yes, BUT, with some adjustments, for example, the harness slots, will absolutely NOT match, you will need to mark them yourself, and the canopy is slightly larger, I will send you instructions on how to do this wen you purchase the pattern and let me know you need it for the above covers.
  5. "Do you ever re-send the files for free?" If you lose your files for one reason or another, I will send you one replacement set of files, if you lose those, then you need to re-order them.
  6. "Are these covers an exact copy of the original covers?" No, these are covers designed and elaborated by me.
  7. "How hard is it to make my own cover? Do I need to be an experienced sewer?" They are not easy too make, they are time-consuming and these projects are designed for experiences seamstresses, if you do not know how to sew, these instructions will be very much complicated for you.

<span class=
A cover finished by a customer who kindly sent me the image.

I hope this information helps! If your questions are not answered here, or if you have any advise, or ideas on something you tried that worked for you, I'd love to add it here, please email me, I can always update the above!

Friday, April 1, 2011

TUTORIAL: Hand Tags for everything!

Hi all!
I wanted to share with you these super-adorable hand tags I prepared for Mom's latest craft show, they are pretty simple to make, and if you sell hand-made items, or have a party coming up, this is a super cute idea!
I thought this would give my Mom's items a more "hand-made" feel and they where a real hit, I think that the way you present your items, will make or break a deal, they will also attract customers towards your items!


In addition, these are also great for gifts, birthday or bridal party favors and whatever your heart desires, I ordered some fabric from an etsy seller once, and she had packed the fabric with tissue paper, then she used a stripe of scrap-booking card stock, wrapped it around the wrapped piece of fabric, and glued a tag like this over it with a button, THE CUTEST fabric presentation EVER!

Anyhoo, things you will need:
  1. Scrap booking card-stock.
  2. Printing card-stock.
  3. Hot Glue
  4. Ribbon
  5. Hole puncher
  6. Computer/printer OR stamps {whatever you would like to use for your top layer}.
  7. I splurged a little bit {not just for this project, this little machine is awesome} and bought a SLICE machine, ahh, I just love it! And I don't scrapbook, but it says on the box that it will also cut fabric, so, I'm definitely going to give it a shot as soon as I have the time! lol If you don't have a SLICE, you can also purchase a Puncher, Fiskars has a whole collection of hole punchers with several designs, one of them is a very similar scalloped square to this one.

-Select the card stock you would like to use, and cut it with your SLICE or your Hole puncher, on this particular tags I used the Basic card on my SLICE and cut a ton of these squares, these particular ones are 2.5" but they go up to 4".

-After cutting those, I printed Mom's logo into card stock, and punched the logos out with a Fiskars shaped puncher. I found this to be a lot easier than using the SLICE on already printed paper because I can control where the hole is being cut much better {might be my inexperience too, you should try anyway!}


-So, now I end up with the same amount of both shapes cut up. I take my hot glue gun, and start gluing, I used the hot glue because it's less messy, and it will dry super fast {plus, it gave them a little bit of a 3D effect I sort of liked}.
-In this particular tags, I used the small hole puncher and punched 2 holes on the top of each tag, you can also punch 1, larger.


-After this, you're able to play with the ribbon, you can tie with a knot, or a bow over the top until you get the look you want! I used 2 small holes on these because 1. I could not find my regular hole puncher until I was done with them {the story of my life!} and 2. this made making a bow over the top easier, so, these are very flexible!! lol

I also wanted to share with you that my Cuddly Monkeys fabric, did not make the semi-finals on the contest {sniff sniff} but you should still check out the semi finals and vote, these are GREAT designs, and I don't want to get too technical, but be sure to ask the site on the right hand side to show you what the fabric would look like in one yard, and make sure it doesn't look funky, some of the semi-final designs have this issue, not sure what happened there! LOL

Anyway, thanks so much for reading, and I hope you can take some of these images to put together an awesome set of hand-tags!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cuddly Monkeys...

My girls, Natalie and Claire, enjoying the Florida weather

June 20th?? That was the last time I posted on my blog?? Whoa, where did time go? Let me explain, as you probably know, I'm a Navy wife, well, I'm actually a soon-to-be-ex-navy wife! no, I'm not leaving my super-awesome husband, he's finally leaving the Navy {and can I do a happy dance??}, in addition to this, I also moved temporarily to Florida {with my parents, Grandma and 8 dogs}, long story! But I do have yet another move coming up, we don't know where, depends on where Paul gets a job {Nuke, not too many places out there for him} oh and did I mention I had to leave everything in storage, move some things to Paul's temporary room, moved my sister's things out of her room {in FL, she moved out}, move my things in, and now are preparing to go to VA to move Paul's things OUT of the room ... if I never see a moving box again after this ordeal, I'll be a happy camper ... but I'm sure I will.
And I'm also sure I made your head spin {and this was the extremely short version of the story} pretty much, "hectic" seems like a very very SMALL word to describe what life has been the past few months!
I haven't been sewing much these days, don't have the time, or my good machines {in storage!} so, I am very sorry for the non-existent posts!

However, I do have some news, and some new things to show you, so, here's the fin part:
First things first, I follow Patty Young's blog {I actually used to be one of her customers "back in the day" when she used to make the prettiest kid's clothes, she's an awesome designer!} and I learned about this place called SpoonFlower, which is a website, where you can design your own fabric, you can make it available for sale, people purchase it, and you get a cut from the sale. I've been doodling {a LOT} for this website, and things have been selling pretty OK I might say! You can check out my designs here. Oh and let me just add, you will find A M A Z I N G designers on this website, if you're a sewing fanatic, graphic designer, artist or plain and simple curious, you need to check it out!!


My newest designs, are actually meant for a design contest {hosted by Michael Miller, which is a fabric company that I use a LOT for our covers like Groovy Guitars, Damask, Swirls, Carnival Bloom and a TON more} so, when the opportunity came to design something for baby boys for this contest, I was super excited, this would be right up my alley with my baby bedding and baby gear items history! I was totally unsure on what to draw, submit, etc. So, with the help of my friends from OKID, I went with Monkeys! You can look at the entire collection here. But here they are too!

Here's a close-up:

Cuddly Monkeys, this is my submission for the contest {called Project Selvage}

Dottie Dots

Alphabet Monkeys

Framed! Monkeys {really, my favorite!}

And in case you where wondering what the fabrics would be good for, or if they would look good in real life, here are some projects with them, and of course, this is Ed, the monkey:


The other dots fabrics are from Michael Miller, I decided to take the pics with them together so you could see how well they coordinate with existing lines {hint hint!}.

The contest is now in progress, Michael Miller will select 75 entries from their own favorites and then open voting for everyone begins, imagine being able to order them for around $9.00 a yard, and get them in a few days, or even better, in your local quilt shop! {hint hint hint!!}, if this makes it to the first 75, your votes would be very much appreciated!!!

If it does not, or if you don't want to wait, the fabrics are now available for purchase at Spoonflower, starting at $18.00 a yard, depending on what you would like!

Did I make you dizzy? I'm so sorry!! There was {and still is} so much I wanted to talk about!!! You just wait to be bombarded with posts now, then, I will be MIA again for a few weeks, probably moving again! But I will keep everyone posted! Thank you all for your support! And please be sure to leave me a comment if you'd like!