Monday, September 10, 2012

Nap Mat Cover PDF Tutorial

With the new school year starting for some people this month, I received several inquiries about my Nap Mat covers, and as time permitted I also took a few orders, it was FUN making them, especially this particular one:

Just because my client, Cherie, wanted to use my fabric designs, it just makes it extra special for me! If you are interested in purchasing this fabric, you can learn more about it in my SpoonFlower Shop Natitys.

Anyway, this got me thinking about how many of you would actually love to make one, and want to know what my tricks are. In this tutorial, you will receive full color step by step images and descriptions leading you to complete one of these Nap Mat Covers with a pillow sham attached. I will provide you with the materials needed, measurements, tips and little notes on what to do and where.

If you wanted to make your own nap mat cover, to fit he Kindermat {tm} nap mat, this is the PDF tutorial for you, you can learn how to purchase this PDF tutorial here.

Until next time!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Birth Announcement Pillows

Birth announcement pillows are a wonderful gift for new parents, something they will keep and cherish forever! These pillows are customizable, add the baby's name, date of birth, weight, and height. Chose from 4 styles {more coming later}: Whimsy Owls, MOD Girl, MOD Boy and Big Bang Robots.
These Birth announcement pillows measure approximately 16" x 16", are made with 100% kona cotton fabric, filled with 100% hypoallergenic poly fill.
Come and get yours today!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Looking for a fun project? Introducing: Sewn by Me Dollies!

If you are {or not} familiar with my patterns and products, a couple of years ago I introduced my Ureshii Dolls, then graduated to selling the PDF Patterns for these cuties, who are very well received.
I {well, WE, my girls and I} decided to take it a step further, and design the dolls with a new twist. I thought this would be a great project to make with your little ones, being that is summer now, this is a handy craft project to start! :)  Made a few designs to start, more to come by soon! {like for BOYS}, the dolls an be made with just one fat quarter of fabric, batting and thread! EASY!
So, the below is a mini tutorial on how to complete these dolls. The fabric comes with printed instructions already, but this is to give it a little extra help:

First thing you do, if course is purchase the fabric, all doll kits can be found here. You will also need to purchase a bag of stuffing.

Cut the doll parts off {If you notice on the images, I cut very close to the doll parts as there us no "seam allowance" this was made on purpose as I did not want some random white spots around the doll} You basically end up with the pig tails, legs and torso attached to the head and arms already.

Sew first the pig tails, pin them on the head, you can do it as high pig tails, or low, your choice! Sew the legs together, and the torso pieces.

Clip around the round edges {or, if you are lazy like me, use the picking scissors on the curved edges, still snip on the hard turns}

Turn inside out, and start stuffing, leave about 1" clearance on the top of the legs, and on the bottom of the torso.

Tuck the bottom of the torso in, pin the legs on the folded edge, sew over it.

You are done! See? Easier than pie! enjoy your doll!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Milo Fabric, my second contest win!

This was a little over one week ago, but between sick kiddoes, bad weather and loads of laundry, I just haven't had a lot of "blogging time". But I am very proud, very happy, and very thankful for all the votes! Presenting: Milo, this is a collection with cute Vespas in a fabric, with cargo, flowers, balloons, and little Milo, a Boston Terrier who loves to wear "doggles" and ride with his human!

I selected colors in Mint, Tangerine and Greys for this collection, with fun coordinates like poka dots, flowers and chevrons.

Scooters by Natitys
This fabric printed out so cute! I am very happy with how it turned out! Lots of adorable uses for this cutie!
Here's the collection, which can be purchased here.


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Playing with Bubbles

When we moved to Crystal River last year, Claire wanted her room decorated in a certain famous kitten .... she got it. I am not going to say that I did not fight it all the way, with my history making beautiful boutique rooms for customers, and all the gorgeous one of a kind decor out there .... she wanted basic, kitten stuff, down to the bedding {ok, so I did enjoy buying SOME of it, and I also made her some paintings, so, it was not ALL lost}.
Now that we have lived in the water for one year, and we swim s often, and well, basically our lives revolve around the boat and the water, she has realized that, perhaps the famous kitten was not as "area appropriate" as mermaids. So, this is how all this got started.
"Mommy, I want to re-do my room in Mermaids", I say "cool, let's do it ... in the summer!" {Natalie has a whole new idea for her room too, but when we get to that bridge, we will cross it so stay tuned}. We are still on the "planning stage", you know, browsing the internet, looking at ideas, making a list of what she likes. Of course, she requests I make her a Mermaids fabric, no problem! Let's do it! Completed with wall decals and all.
Luckily, and coincidentally, Spoonflower teamed up with Robert Kaufman and hosted a contest {called Fabric8} where the theme was pen and watercolor, modern type of stuff. I think to myself, these mermaids would look great in watercolor. So, I took a "go" at it, and almost one month later, I finally had the "Playing with Bubbles" fabrics lined up for the contest.

This is just a preliminary collection, I am sure I will make changes as the project moves along, bedding, accessories etc, I will play with it more! Spoonflower is undergoing some changes in their color-charts, so I am waiting for that change to take effect so I can proof and make available the rest of the prints. They will hopefully be available mid May, I will keep you posted! As for the contest, they will decide on 100 participants {from over 700 who entered} on that round, from there, if my Mermaids get in, it will be my responsibility to get votes for my fabric, there will be a second round from 100 contestants, they will then go to 8, and then to 1. First place meaning that the fabric will be available through RK Fabrics vs Spoonflower. Exciting! I will share the 100 contestants as they are selected so you can cast your vote on May 3rd!
Anyway, as I usually try to offer a tutorial when I am introducing a new fabric {does not always pan out that way, but I try!}, Claire and I made up a bag, that took us 30 minutes to make! So, behold the 30 minute bag:
I am offering, for a limited time {not sure how long, perhaps a couple of weeks?} the pattern free! Download it by liking my facebook page here.
If you have any problems downloading the pattern, please email me, I will gladly send you the PDF File :) 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

TUTORIAL: Simple Gadget Sleeve

Make your own simple gadget sleeve with this quick and easy to make tutorial. You can use it for your MP3 Players, Tablets and Laptops utilizing your favorite fabric prints! The skill level on this tutorial is EASY-PLEASEE!
 What you are looking at above, is a sleeve made for my daughter's Nook Color, the fabric used is "Natalie's Library" {can be purchased here} ad a coordinating pink dots fabric from Riley Blake Designs fabric.  repeat goes one way only, wen you make the cap for the cover, if you do not make this into 2-3 separate pieces sewn together with the print going different directions, you will end up with the print upside down. If you have a print that goes all ways, then you do not need to break the main pieces into 3 like I did.

In the below tutorial, I included some steps needed for the specific needs of this design, for example, the fabric 

Items Needed: 
Main Fabric {varies depending on the gadget}
Coordinating Fabric {varies depending on the gadget}
Fusible Fleece
Coordinating Thread

 Step 1 CUTTING: 
Grab your Gadget {Natalie's Nook Color pictured} so you can measure how big to cut the pieces. You can measure your gadget or use it as a guide as in the picture. I cut the fabric about 2" wider.

 The first thing I cut, was the front of the gadget sleeve, this should be thicker than the gadget {2" in my case"and about 2" shorter than the gadget, although you can make it the same length of the gadget} Remember, I am doing the sleeve this way because of the way the print works, you can also make one entire piece instead and just skip to the appropriate step.
Then, I cut the same piece, in the coordinating fabric {will do this for all pieces}
Above, you are looking at the 3 visible pieces of the sleeve. Left: back of sleeve, center: front of sleeve, right: cap. The back of the sleeve should always be at least 2" larger than your gadget, the front can be made in the same size as your gadget or shorter as in the picture, the cap needs to be about half the length of the  gadget.

As you see in this image, there are 6 pieces total. {could be 2 depending on the print}. The Main Books fabric is placed keeping in mind that once the pieces are folded, they face the correct orientation. 
The pieces you see sewn together are as follows:
Left: front of the sleeve
Center: back of the sleeve
Right: cap
 Another piece you need to cut, is s shown above, the strap that will hold the cap closed. It should be about 1" wider than the sleeve pieces, as shown.
Lastly, you need to cut a square, the same width of the sleeve, I also added a trim made from the coordinating fabric, you can leave this out if you want. 
 Cut one layer of the fusible batting, iron it under the outside part of the sleeve.
Sew the border on the pocket, by placing it along the top of the piece, right sides together, sew.
 Fold the fabric twice inside, as shown above
Sew it closed, place where the back of the sleeve would go, in this case, it was easy to determine for me as I was using more than one fabric, making the back already marked, you might need to use some marking technique to figure out where to place the pocket.
Right sides together, sew over the raw edge of the pocket piece.
Fold over, and sew over the same edge, to seal the material and prevent fraying.
Grab the strap piece you cut a little while ago.
Cut batting, same length, half the width. 
Iron batting under the piece. Towards the corner.
Doing it towards the center, fold one quarter of the material inside, on both sides. Iron it flat to preserve the shape.
Fold in half, you will end up with a similar shape to above.
Sew over each edge of the band, then place where you would like the band to work. In this case, I placed it about 3" from the edge of the sleeve.
Sew the band to the sleeve, cut any excess.
Grab both sides of the sleeve, place them {you ca use pins} right sides in. 
Sew them together, starting from the area where the band is {the opposite from the cap piece is}. Leave the edge open, it will look somewhat like a pillowcase.
 Turn outside in, on this image, I ironed the sleeve. 
Folding inside, close up the edge, and sew it together.
Fold the sleeve to it's appropriate length, then sew around the entire sleeve, double up on seams around the edges.

You are done! Hope you enjoyed making this cutie with me!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Artistree Gifts Orlando, FL - Open House

My Mom, owner of Chic Bazar, is also running all Natitys baby products, that can be purchased in this wonderful shop in Orlando. Artistree is an artists Co-Op where you can find beautiful handcrafted items from Jewelry to Home Decor. I love visiting the shop whenever I can because they always have something new, and they always have 100 things I walk away with! lol. 
I had the opportunity to to visit their new location last weekend, and while some of it is still in the works, the entire front of the store is ready for business! I took the liberty of snatching a couple of pictures while I was there so I could share with you all.
 Mom's Pillows {minus the embroidered one in the center} can also be purchased in Artistree. I love the Orange ruffled one! I need one in Turquoise! 

Natitys items are stacked all over the baby and kid section of the store. 
Oh, and you see all the gorgeous furniture? The shop next door is an Antique Shop, where you can find similar pieces, I think they are going to do GREAT in their new, humangous location.
If you are in the Orlando area, you should check out the place, the y will be having an Open House to formally open their store to the public this Friday, March 29th from 5pm to 8pm, between those times you will receive an additional 10% off your purchase!
Here's the information:
Artistree Gifts Co-Op
2628 Edgewater Dr.
Orlando, FL

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

TUTORIAL: The Traveler Bag

I designed this bag to be as simple to make as a bag this size can be, don't be fooled by the word "simple", if you have no experience sewing, this might be too large of a task for you, but hey, you can always try! :)
This bag is really big! Great for packing your goods for a weekend getaway or even longer.
First things first, I want to thank Mom for her help in making this bag, we made this at my Mom's {who makes bag for a living, as I am not a fan of making bags}, please excuse the not-so-pretty pictures, a lot of them where taken by my camera phone, because I was at Mom's for the weekend and wanted to get this bag started, the fabric you see in this bag are designed by me and can  be purchased here.

Friday, March 23, 2012

FINDS: Whimsy Owl Fabric Goods

So, my lovely Mother stumbled upon an adorable shop called Cassie's Corner, where they are using my Whimsy Owls Fabric for selling goods!
Jenny {the shop owner} graciously allowed me to borrow the images from bragging purposes:

 The shop offers baby items like blankets, bibs, burp cloths, and lots of other baby goods! These are some great uses for the Whimsy Owls fabric, as you can see, they coordinate great with minky, solids and polka dots. I love seeing other people's creativity at work! 
Thank you again, Jenny! To visit her shop, please click here.
To purchase the Whimsy Owls fabric, click here.