Thursday, March 29, 2012

Artistree Gifts Orlando, FL - Open House

My Mom, owner of Chic Bazar, is also running all Natitys baby products, that can be purchased in this wonderful shop in Orlando. Artistree is an artists Co-Op where you can find beautiful handcrafted items from Jewelry to Home Decor. I love visiting the shop whenever I can because they always have something new, and they always have 100 things I walk away with! lol. 
I had the opportunity to to visit their new location last weekend, and while some of it is still in the works, the entire front of the store is ready for business! I took the liberty of snatching a couple of pictures while I was there so I could share with you all.
 Mom's Pillows {minus the embroidered one in the center} can also be purchased in Artistree. I love the Orange ruffled one! I need one in Turquoise! 

Natitys items are stacked all over the baby and kid section of the store. 
Oh, and you see all the gorgeous furniture? The shop next door is an Antique Shop, where you can find similar pieces, I think they are going to do GREAT in their new, humangous location.
If you are in the Orlando area, you should check out the place, the y will be having an Open House to formally open their store to the public this Friday, March 29th from 5pm to 8pm, between those times you will receive an additional 10% off your purchase!
Here's the information:
Artistree Gifts Co-Op
2628 Edgewater Dr.
Orlando, FL

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

TUTORIAL: The Traveler Bag

I designed this bag to be as simple to make as a bag this size can be, don't be fooled by the word "simple", if you have no experience sewing, this might be too large of a task for you, but hey, you can always try! :)
This bag is really big! Great for packing your goods for a weekend getaway or even longer.
First things first, I want to thank Mom for her help in making this bag, we made this at my Mom's {who makes bag for a living, as I am not a fan of making bags}, please excuse the not-so-pretty pictures, a lot of them where taken by my camera phone, because I was at Mom's for the weekend and wanted to get this bag started, the fabric you see in this bag are designed by me and can  be purchased here.

Friday, March 23, 2012

FINDS: Whimsy Owl Fabric Goods

So, my lovely Mother stumbled upon an adorable shop called Cassie's Corner, where they are using my Whimsy Owls Fabric for selling goods!
Jenny {the shop owner} graciously allowed me to borrow the images from bragging purposes:

 The shop offers baby items like blankets, bibs, burp cloths, and lots of other baby goods! These are some great uses for the Whimsy Owls fabric, as you can see, they coordinate great with minky, solids and polka dots. I love seeing other people's creativity at work! 
Thank you again, Jenny! To visit her shop, please click here.
To purchase the Whimsy Owls fabric, click here.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Big Bang Bots Wins!

I have very exciting news for you! Almost one week later, you have to excuse me, I was out of town with the fam for Spring Break {which was also awesome!}
I entered my ew design, Big Bang Bots robots, cheater's quilt, into lst week's competition, and while I was gone, something amazing happened, I WON!

View the entire collection {where you can also purchase the fabrics} here.
When I first saw the email, I thought it must be a prank or a typo, surely they where not emailing ME to let me know my fabric won, I mean, I voted for so many other fabrics, because they where SO amazing, but MINE won? really?? WOW!!

That really made my month!
To tell you a little bit about them, I decided to enter the contest because I was having an artistic mind block, I have been working on 2 websites for a couple of months now and I was just stuck, I needed an outlet. When I saw the cheater quilt robots contest, I thought at first I'd skip it, because I have 2 girls, and I could not think about what I could do that was robot related, sometimes that happens to me when I feel something is too boy-ish. {Although, now that I think about it, a good 50% of my designs are either unisex or boy related LOL} so, went to bed, and started thinking, cheater's quilts should have this, should have that, should look like this, like that etc.
When I got up that morning, I had the basic idea, and started drawing away, I already knew what colors I wanted to go with, I have a thing for the color grey these days. So, grey, blue, orange, green, those are the colors!
Once I had the cheater quilt done, which, by the way, I made one version at first and then decided it needed more blue, so, the one above is the second version, my mind just started pouring with ideas on what would look cute with it, and ended up with a collection of 11 prints! lol
I really just wanted to take the time to thank everyone who voted, I had no idea the design was so popular, and it took me a while to get this post done because I was out on a short spring break vacation with the family. But all votes and lovely comments are very much appreciated, thank you SO MUCH!