Thursday, March 29, 2012

Artistree Gifts Orlando, FL - Open House

My Mom, owner of Chic Bazar, is also running all Natitys baby products, that can be purchased in this wonderful shop in Orlando. Artistree is an artists Co-Op where you can find beautiful handcrafted items from Jewelry to Home Decor. I love visiting the shop whenever I can because they always have something new, and they always have 100 things I walk away with! lol. 
I had the opportunity to to visit their new location last weekend, and while some of it is still in the works, the entire front of the store is ready for business! I took the liberty of snatching a couple of pictures while I was there so I could share with you all.
 Mom's Pillows {minus the embroidered one in the center} can also be purchased in Artistree. I love the Orange ruffled one! I need one in Turquoise! 

Natitys items are stacked all over the baby and kid section of the store. 
Oh, and you see all the gorgeous furniture? The shop next door is an Antique Shop, where you can find similar pieces, I think they are going to do GREAT in their new, humangous location.
If you are in the Orlando area, you should check out the place, the y will be having an Open House to formally open their store to the public this Friday, March 29th from 5pm to 8pm, between those times you will receive an additional 10% off your purchase!
Here's the information:
Artistree Gifts Co-Op
2628 Edgewater Dr.
Orlando, FL

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