Friday, June 15, 2012

Looking for a fun project? Introducing: Sewn by Me Dollies!

If you are {or not} familiar with my patterns and products, a couple of years ago I introduced my Ureshii Dolls, then graduated to selling the PDF Patterns for these cuties, who are very well received.
I {well, WE, my girls and I} decided to take it a step further, and design the dolls with a new twist. I thought this would be a great project to make with your little ones, being that is summer now, this is a handy craft project to start! :)  Made a few designs to start, more to come by soon! {like for BOYS}, the dolls an be made with just one fat quarter of fabric, batting and thread! EASY!
So, the below is a mini tutorial on how to complete these dolls. The fabric comes with printed instructions already, but this is to give it a little extra help:

First thing you do, if course is purchase the fabric, all doll kits can be found here. You will also need to purchase a bag of stuffing.

Cut the doll parts off {If you notice on the images, I cut very close to the doll parts as there us no "seam allowance" this was made on purpose as I did not want some random white spots around the doll} You basically end up with the pig tails, legs and torso attached to the head and arms already.

Sew first the pig tails, pin them on the head, you can do it as high pig tails, or low, your choice! Sew the legs together, and the torso pieces.

Clip around the round edges {or, if you are lazy like me, use the picking scissors on the curved edges, still snip on the hard turns}

Turn inside out, and start stuffing, leave about 1" clearance on the top of the legs, and on the bottom of the torso.

Tuck the bottom of the torso in, pin the legs on the folded edge, sew over it.

You are done! See? Easier than pie! enjoy your doll!

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