Monday, September 10, 2012

Nap Mat Cover PDF Tutorial

With the new school year starting for some people this month, I received several inquiries about my Nap Mat covers, and as time permitted I also took a few orders, it was FUN making them, especially this particular one:

Just because my client, Cherie, wanted to use my fabric designs, it just makes it extra special for me! If you are interested in purchasing this fabric, you can learn more about it in my SpoonFlower Shop Natitys.

Anyway, this got me thinking about how many of you would actually love to make one, and want to know what my tricks are. In this tutorial, you will receive full color step by step images and descriptions leading you to complete one of these Nap Mat Covers with a pillow sham attached. I will provide you with the materials needed, measurements, tips and little notes on what to do and where.

If you wanted to make your own nap mat cover, to fit he Kindermat {tm} nap mat, this is the PDF tutorial for you, you can learn how to purchase this PDF tutorial here.

Until next time!

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