Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine's Day Tin Box Keepsake Tutorial

So, Clairebear came home  from school with a note from the teacher, this year, they are asking the kids to bring to school a home-made carrier for their Valentine's. It calls for "creativity" and to use whatever they want, paper, fabric, paint, etc. 
Claire really wanted to make something in fabrics, but quite honestly, I JUST finished cleaning after making a large project for my brother {baby bedding, total flashback, I started my online business making those, but that was a long time ago}; and the idea of pulling out fabrics, coordinates, batting, trims, ribbon,  thread, etc etc etc, made me cringe.
I was able to convince her to utilize the leftover wall paper we had from our last project! {thank Goodness!} and she was on board. This project can be as simple or as complicated as you'd like, depends on how adorned you'd like your box.
We have been holding on to some tin mini suitcases we purchased at a craft store a couple of years ago {you know how it is, you are browsing, and then see something on sale, don't really need it, but can think of a project for the Holidays, grab it! The Holidays come and go, and no project! Ah, the story of my life! lol}, grabbed those, grabbed my leftover paper, some adhesive backed felt {for lining it}, trims {grabbed all I had, needed to see what would look best}, pencil, scissors and a glue gun.

First, mark and cut the pieces of wall paper that will go on the top and the bottom of the tin, do the same for the felt.
Follow instructions to install the wallpaper {basically wet, place, smooth}. Wait for the wallpaper to dry {about an hour ... theoretically speaking, my "little crafter" was not as patient, so, we really just waited about a half hour, and were really really careful}.
 Grab the felt and place it inside the box {this is only if you really want it lined, it's not 100% necessary}

Select some cute trim for the sides {after a lot of arguing, Claire selected the ball trim in pink} and this is where you grab your glue gun and glue that puppy up.
Add ribbon wherever you can, I just made 2 cute bows on each side of the handle, to make it extra girly!

And I am done! We talked about using paint, more felt, add Claire's name to the top etc, but, I am a fan of simplicity, and this is, well, simple! I hope you can use this as inspiration to make your own version! Have a lovely weekend!

Here is the "visual instruction" for those of you who don't like to read {like me!}

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